Presently, it seems that art is following every direction possible. Once photography was simply photography. Scrapbook making preceeded collage. Then there is mixed media. Quilts are becomming wonderful paintings. Can artwork still be categorized?

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I'm not certain I understand what you mean by "categorized." I think art can be 'packeted' together in groups for the sake of discussion or understanding, but I don't think the lines are as clear and unquestionable as they once were. Even so, basic processes share a 'category' I guess -- say the category of "Oil Painting," or "Digital Art" or like that. But does an oil-painting once digitally photo-ed and then computer-manipulated remain a painting or is it now a totally digital work -- or is it a photo? Beats the heck out of me.

It is interesting though, that you can still discern quality or mastery as the various media progress. A Guercino painting, a Maplethorpe photo, or a Myra Mahl digital manipulation all retain the quality of thought and intent that raise them to a standard to be appreciated as high quality -- in spite of the diverse techniques and the differences in time needed in the application of them. I like that idea.

Love the painting. The reason I posed this question is that every year we hold an Art Expo show.
Everything is in categories. Watercolor, photography (the photo club is judged separately since we are the art club's guest), mixed media, sculpture, etc.

The mixed media must be framed and only 3" deep. In order to enter my photography which I believe should be included in "art,", I had to matte it with a piece of material. Then it was considered mixed media. I am trying to incorporate the photos and art, but they say, "no dice."
You must be aware that in most judging, there are categories. I feel we are slowly but surely losing them which is ok with me, since this is the direction of art - everything goes.
I don't believe artwork was every able to be truly categorized - each painting, drawing, and sculpture is vastly different from any other. Art is unique, an expression as unique as the individual who created it. If people can't be truly classified, neither can the art they create.
Artwork can still be categorized for the most part.  While there is an explosion of new forms of art that are mixing yesterday's past to create tomorrow's new future, most art hasn't been so mixed that its unrecognizable from its roots.  There is still a distinction and that is enough to categorize it.  However, I could see many many years down the line all of today's norms of art being thrown out the window.


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