Nowadays the phenomena of globalization is seen mostly as something that is having negative impact on the world's need and is bringing more and more problems than ever except bringing the newest technology into the people's lives. How would you evaluate the impact of globalization in toady's word, how is it affecting the people around the world? Is this phenomena being productive only for wealthy people but is destroying other peoples lives or there is something else included on this mistery? You are welcome to give your opinion, whatever it is. PLease do it!

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I like the topics related with the society in overall
Seems like is a mixed bag. There are good things about it and bad things. Maybe it is becoming more extreme today... ??? the bad things are even worse and the good things are even better.
I think that globalization is in general a good thing. Our society needs to understand and appreciate not only the technology and material objects that are produced elsewhere, but also the cultures and individuals who reside elsewhere.
I think that globalization is great because it has the potential to help society overall on all levels.  unfortunately, today the groups the most are often at the top tiers and the benefits for those at the bottom are too slow.  While I am for the benefits, more needs to be done to take advantage of the Globalization's pros and use them to helping those who need it most. 
When dealing with the phenomenon of globalization, we recently have experienced a huge natural disaster caused by the earthquake and the foregoing tsunami. Although, this can be seen as a local isolated issue, it actually impacted a wider area and the risk from the nuclear materials go beyond local limits tackling the world as a whole. Probably, one of the most negative issues with regard to Globalization is Nuclear Weapons which sooner or later will be used in some way. What if any mistake could bring any unforeseen disaster up to destructing a whole territory like Japan or any other place. Globalization means the economy is interconnected among most states (at least among most powerful ones). If one is affected by any disaster the entire economic system is damaged and countries most experiencing the disasters are poor ones which are directly or indirectly depended on this triadization of powerful countries. global warming, sea level, ice melting, widespread diseases are all a consequence of such and other human related disasters........:(. 


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