I have been myself for many years but I hope that I could be her, Anna Netrebko. Why? Becasue she has the successful career and she is pretty......., People 's success expolre ourselves into another thought, desires. Desires make us to be better and get more achievements. However, do I enjoy being my doing? Or, just beacuse I want to be somebody?

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I think its natural for people to want to be someone other than themselves at some point in their life. We each know ourselves well, including all our flaws and our shortcomings. We idolize an individual because we only see one aspect of their life that is attracting or appealing. I, however, would want to be more like my father.

I greatly admire my father's character. Although he is not the most patient or gentle person, he is extremely hardworking. He possess this mentality to follow through with everything he starts. Just by watching my father, I am learning, learning how to incorporate his positive attributes into my own life.
Comparisons, albeit are quite torturous really, are quite futile in the end. Each of us have different backgrounds, talents, and specialties that at some point, by making comparisons to each other, causes us to almost undermine who we are as a person.

I'm at a great point in my life where I understand that my accomplishments are just that, mine and mine alone.

I always tell myself not to compare myself to other people, but it's hard. Taking my first step outside my dorm building each day, I see people, their hairs, makeups, outfits, shoes..., and can't help comparing my appearance with theirs. In discussions, the same happens; I listen to what others say and keep asking myself if they've got better questions, better arguments etc., than I.

To me, doing/being better than others means a lot, I think. Although I hate it because I know that it only makes life miserable, I have to admit that I do have a constant urge to compare myself to others, and that the anxiety that comparing gives me is one of the major power sources that motivates me to do better and more. 

I think I should transfer the object of my comparison in order to make my life more meaningful. So instead of constantly comparing myself to others, I should constantly compare myself to my previous self, so that I could be a better person than I was, do better than I did, etc., instead of being a better person than her/him, doing better than she/he did, etc.!

I have wished I was other people at times in my life. But, I recently realized that if you are always striving for someone else's reality, you will never realize your own potential. Find solace in who you are. Appreciate others, but do not dwell on their successes without realizing that you have things and are capable of things that they aren't.

I still feel really young because I feel like often my desires are still very mutable.  They will change from day to day or from year to year, and people will still influence me on a superficial level.  But I do feel like something common that many peoples hare is: we may start something because we desire it, but when we walk away better people, either better in character or in experiences (even silly ones as long as we share good times with good company) that is critical to leading a good life.  In general, that's a good rule of thumb, and something that isn't shaped or influenced by others. 


That being said, I still want to successful in activities with the defination of being "good" at a few fundamental things.  There's something to be said about the skill we attain in those interests most dear to us.  I like to dance. I'm not as good I feel I should be but I do it cause its fun and free. That being said, I want to be good on a technical level too.  I look to my role models, who are of course often at a pro level, which may be an unjust comparison.  Nevertheless, I look up to them because I demand high standards from myself. 

I'd like to focus on becoming the best version of myself--a task I feel should be independent of comparisons to others. The task is monumental enough...why complicate it
I believe that everyone, to some degree, is jealous and envious of another person or a person's accomplishments. That's what drives us to push ourselves, create goals, and reach them. But in the end, it's important to appreciate our own selves for who we are--enjoy embracing our own uniqueness.

Basically, I think that when we want to be somebody else, we are just seeing the surface and not really the innate properties like her thoughts or problems. I don't think we want to be them though, we want to actually be doing their actions.

I do feel that the actions we take because we want to be somebody are inflicted by that reason, it's okay though since it will make us happy when we finally reach that somebody.

Personally, I do what I do because I want to be next to my role models, I don't want to take their place. 

I never think you should want to be somebody else. People may inspire you to improve yourself in certain ways. Just make yourself happy and change yourself in the way that can make you successful and happy.
I believe that it is always nice to admire the things other people have accomplished but I feel that people should have the confidence to pave their own path and create their own destiny.
I understand this.  It would be nice if I already had it made.  Like I could walk into someones life and all the hard stuff is already done.  Like college and graduate school is finished and I am already set up at a blossoming career.  But the hard stuff helps you in the long wrong....or that is at least what they say....


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