a lot of people, colllege students in particular have the oppurtunity to impact kids. and most of them say things like "dont do drugs" or "always obey the law" or such things that are "morally sound". i was one of those kids that believded the lies and when i came to ucla i was hit with a cold slap in the face as i saw most of my "role models" do the very same things they warned us never to do. I was appalled and i still dont understand it. please comment on why u think college students in particular have such double lives and motives when it comes to impacting kids. student who do what they preach against to me, give NO hope to those students who believe in the fluff that they are told in middle and high school. thanks!

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Hi Ruth! It is hypocrisy at its finest and whats worse is that people don't even sometimes see that they are not "practicing what they preach" . I guess the best advice would be to choose your role models wisely or become your own role model.

I think for one thing you are generalizing college kids as one group.  I feel that often a lot of students come to college with that very intention.  Whereas often the people who are the real role models making a difference may not being in that category.  Of course I realize that Im stereotyping and there all the shades of gray in between, but i think its a more accurate model.  Feel free to correct me. 


I think that often they say that to protect kids from those things because they feel an obligation to do so.  Not doing so would be looked down upon publicly.  However I also have to pull the card that by doing so we inadvertantly maybe harming them by putting up a barrier.  They say that rules are meant to be broken and people end up doing it violently to top one another.


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