i teach fashion design, mainly the skill sets of sewing and patterns, so i don't know how that could fit in. if you come up with a good idea, let me know, i like to get my students involved with stuff.

Classes don't start again until April 10th, so I have a little time to plan it.


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Tony Deifell wrote:

well, two ideas for ya

1... whatever profession you're in, it can be very important to get more in touch with why you do it. So, any sort of classroom activity that sparks self reflection can support students in thinking about their passion and purpose. Also, even if your students are doing fashion design, i'd think they are somewhat facile with visual art in general, so could make images like you saw on http://wdydwyd.com/UNC They wouldn't have to be directly fashion design to achieve this sort of goal for your class.

2... you might be able to do direct fashion design with the project. you could get people to incorporate text into their designs that make statements related to why they do what they do. photos of those could be uploaded to the site and in an online gallery.

what sort of clothes do you have your students design usually?

it's fun to brainstorm. i like the idea of utilizing different materials in creating individual responses to why people do what they do. one collaborating artist is getting people at her organization to sew they answer into a fabric square that will be pieced together into a quilt or something like that.

Jennifer Lynne wrote:

>>I teach more of the beginning skill sets in sewing
>>and pattern drafting. Mostly its working with the
>>fabric and equipment. The only thing I can think
>>of would be to introduce this project as part of
>>their final project. My students have to take what
>>they learned and do a creative sewn garment based
>>on that. I could have them develop a presentation
>>board for their customer, but make that customer
>>themselves. Classes just finished, but I might be
>>able to do something like this for the next class
>>session. I would have to run it by my department
>>head too.

Tony Deifell wrote:

A few art and photography teachers have done it, but I think with a little creativity, it could apply to all sorts of materials. By you trying it, it could free people up to think of doing it in new ways.

Another idea struck me from what you just wrote... if it doesn't work to have them treat themselves as clients, then maybe you could treat the "wdydwyd?" Project as a client? By this, I mean, you could have them design something that could be for wdydwyd...

I did a T-shirt with just the letters wdydwyd? on it once and it gets the best reactions and starts the best conversations with strangers, who usually puzzle over what the acronym stands for and then try to answer it themselves. Not that what you're doing is anything like tshirts... but it was a small sign that there is something interesting about using apparel to spark the public to think about why they do what they do?

I do like the idea of them creating something with their answer to wdydwyd on it though.
hi jennifer, hi tony,
i was @ the de young last night, at the fashion event, which was fun. thought of you, jennifer -- were you there? saw one of your old shopneighbors. saw the sun set from the tower. also watched a video of ruth asawa which included a segment where this art teacher had his students create & wear large white origami-inspired sculptures in a dance performance. couldn't help but think how paper is almost begging to be written on . . .


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