Results are in. The following 50 students with top rated images will get extra credit. If you have questions or a correction I may have missed, send me a message by Friday at 3pm PT. Also, please note that I downloaded these ratings right after midnight Wed and they may have changed by now if any additional ratings were made after this time.

10 students had multiple images in the top group, which is awesome! Those students were: Andrew Tsai, Danny Orh, Davis Lao, Derick Ngan, Jungin Lee, LiSoon Tay, Melanie Sie, Tiffany Ko, Jessica Martinez, You Chen

Since you only get extra credit once, if you had an additional image in the top 50, only your top rated image is included in the list below. What I did was take the rank of the top rated images from your class, and eliminated multiple images from the same student. Therefore, the top 50 students below represent the top 72 rated images. Make sense? Also, fyi, every image had at least five people rate it, and the ranking below is based on a detailed average number (not full represented by the graphical stars under your photo).

If several of your images made the top 50 students, I'll include all your images in the gallery that I'll produce. I may not get to that for a week or so, but will send a msg to everyone in the UCLA group.

Have a great holiday!

Rank 1- image title: Derick Ngan - Music Unites
Rank 2- image title: Fabiola Moreno- I imagine and I dream (bubble gum)
Rank 3- image title: Elizabeth Lee-The Walk
Rank 4- image title: Riki Patel - Sleeping
Rank 5- image title: LiSoon Tay - Time
Rank 6a - image title: Davis Lao- Scheduled
Rank 6b- image title: Erik Batres-from Descartes to Kruger to me
Rank 7- image title: Jungin Lee - Shopperholic
Rank 8- image title: Melanie Sie - Best Foot Forward
Rank 9- image title: Jasmyn Johal - All My Children
Rank 10- image title: Daniel Wang - Friendship Smiles
Rank 11- image title: ShangChe Peng --- Attractions.....
Rank 12- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Martinez-JessicaEnd
Rank 13- image title: Feven Girmay-Inspired
Rank 14- image title: Danny Orh - not about me
Rank 15- image title: Brian Chiu - save me
Rank 16- image title: Yevgeniya Kovalevich - Holding Myself Together
Rank 17- image title: Kevin Rojas - extreme athlete
Rank 18- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Tang-Jessica
Rank 19- image title: Yuyu Chen-I a cultivated FLY
Rank 20- image title: Kevin Cheng - colorful insides
Rank 21- image title: Jonathan Godinho - What is True?
Rank 22- image title: Simona Tsipan- The Immigrants
Rank 23- image title: Sae Hee Ahn - Unwanted Haircut
Rank 24- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Huie-Patrick
Rank 25- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Blaisdell-Jonathan
Rank 26- image title: Chloe Ghoogassian - see beyond
Rank 27- image title: Rafael Alexandrian - To remind myself
Rank 28- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Bokoch-Rebecca
Rank 29- image title: Elizabeth Purdy - ninja turtles
Rank 30- image title: Joseph Hadaya - If I didn't?
Rank 31- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Jimenez-Elizabeth.jpg
Rank 32- image title: UCLA08-AA10-Takacs-Alex
Rank 33- image title: Heather Kellogg - To Inspire
Rank 34- image title: Tiffany Ko - love
Rank 35- image title: Johanna Ho - Reflection Inside
Rank 36- image title: Gabrielle Hendren - anti-herd
Rank 37- image title: Chiemela Okwandu- teaching survival
Rank 38- image title: Armen Madikians - Self-Confidence
Rank 39- image title: Alexa Harper
Rank 40- image title: Azusa Takano - The World's Future
Rank 41- image title: Allison Le - Poetry
Rank 42- image title: Kenya Aguiniga "The Hot Desert Fields"
Rank 43- image title: Christopher Duhn - Different
Rank 44- image title: Kelsey Mitchell - insatiable hunger
Rank 45- image title: Brian Mercer - School
Rank 46- image title: Edward Youn - to prove that i am different
Rank 47- image title: Mikael Saelua-"Inner Me"
Rank 48- image title: Andrew-Tsai- I care
Rank 49- image title: Sparkle Pratt-Blended
Rank 50- image title: Jaymie Takeshita - Memories

Note: I accidentally deleted Davis Lao. Instead of taking back the extra credit for Jaymie Takeshita, I added Davis's image in the proper order, but make two #6 rankings. Good catch Davis! Sorry for the mistake.

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How come I am in Top 10 , but I am not listed on the top 50's list?


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