The deadline for rating photos is tomorrow (Dec 10) at midnight PT. The top 50 will get extra credit for Art & Arch 10.

Also, if the title of your photo doesn’t follow the following nomenclature, I could miss it when I filter for the final rankings. You should change the title to fit this structure: “FirstName Last Name – KeyWords” where KeyWords = a few of the key words you used in your photo. The dash is most important in helping me ID your class, actually. (Note: changing your title doesn’t affect the rating you already have for that photo).

As of today, the preliminary top 50 photos from the 2008 UCLA class are listed below. I rounded to the 100th decimal, but they are ranked by more detailed averages since many photos have as many as 80 ratings. The more ratings a photo has, the less it is influence by one very low or high rating. This ranking may very well change by tomorrow night since some photos have only five to ten ratings. I will not include photos that have less than five total ratings since the results could be skewed. If you were in last years class or are in the UCLA group, you can rate the photos too.

Instructions: http://wdydwyd.com/UCLA/extracredit

We’ll make an album of the top 50 that Prof Winter will include on his website (and I’m sure others will too).

As of 4pm, Tues 12/9/08:

Rank: 1, Title: UCLA08-AA10-Tang-Jessica, ave rating: 4.75
Rank: 2, Title: Jasmyn Johal - All My Children, ave rating: 4.54
Rank: 3, Title: Melanie Sie - Best Foot Forward, ave rating: 4.2
Rank: 4, Title: Allison Le - Poetry, ave rating: 4.2
Rank: 5, Title: "Danny Orh - impress", ave rating: 4.14
Rank: 6, Title: Feven Girmay-Inspired, ave rating: 4.14
Rank: 7, Title: Daniel Wang - Friendship Smiles, ave rating: 4.11
Rank: 8, Title: Fabiola Moreno- bubble gum, ave rating: 4.11
Rank: 9, Title: Melanie Sie - Best Foot Forward, ave rating: 4
Rank: 10, Title: "Danny Orh - internal struggle", ave rating: 4
Rank: 11, Title: Tiffany Ko - thankful, ave rating: 4
Rank: 12, Title: Kevin Rojas - extreme athlete, ave rating: 4
Rank: 13, Title: Riki Patel - Sleeping, ave rating: 3.92
Rank: 14, Title: Elizabeth Lee-The Walk, ave rating: 3.91
Rank: 15, Title: "Danny Orh - not about me", ave rating: 3.87
Rank: 16, Title: Yevgeniya Kovalevich - Holding Myself Together, ave rating: 3.71
Rank: 17, Title: Sae Hee Ahn - Unwanted Haircut, ave rating: 3.5
Rank: 18, Title: Andrew Tsai- Inspiration, ave rating: 3.5
Rank: 19, Title: Simona Tsipan- The Immigrants, ave rating: 3.47
Rank: 20, Title: Brian Chiu - save me, ave rating: 3.42
Rank: 21, Title: Mayura Jain- express myselves, ave rating: 3.33
Rank: 22, Title: Larissa Klitzke - To reach the highest boughs, ave rating: 3.33
Rank: 23, Title: Jonathan Godinho - What is True?, ave rating: 3.29
Rank: 24, Title: Johanna Ho - Reflection Inside, ave rating: 3.29
Rank: 25, Title: Chloe Ghoogassian - see beyond, ave rating: 3.28
Rank: 26, Title: UCLA08-AA10-Blaisdell-Jonathan, ave rating: 3.26
Rank: 27, Title: Tiffany Ko - love, ave rating: 3.21
Rank: 28, Title: Andrew-Tsai- I care, ave rating: 3.18
Rank: 29, Title: Rafael Alexandrian - To remind myself, ave rating: 3.13
Rank: 30, Title: Erin Ward - miss anything, ave rating: 3.09
Rank: 31, Title: Mikael Saelua-"Inner Me", ave rating: 3
Rank: 32, Title: UCLA08-AA10-Bokoch-Rebecca, ave rating: 3
Rank: 33, Title: Azusa Takano - The World's Future, ave rating: 3
Rank: 34, Title: Robert Scherer - My move?, ave rating: 2.91
Rank: 35, Title: Anabell Yang - INEVITABLE -, ave rating: 2.9
Rank: 36, Title: Christopher Duhn - Different, ave rating: 2.87
Rank: 37, Title: Chiemela Okwandu- teaching survival, ave rating: 2.87
Rank: 38, Title: Kevin Salinas - Fortunes, ave rating: 2.82
Rank: 39, Title: Laurie Siu- To Escape Reality, ave rating: 2.77
Rank: 40, Title: Esther Chao - Color to Life, ave rating: 2.73
Rank: 41, Title: Kevin Salinas - Imagination, ave rating: 2.73
Rank: 42, Title: Michael Lee - seriously?, ave rating: 2.72
Rank: 43, Title: Joseph Hadaya - If I didn't?, ave rating: 2.67
Rank: 44, Title: Christian Sicam - Find Myself, ave rating: 2.46
Rank: 45, Title: UCLA08-AA10-Abdalla-Mohamed#2, ave rating: 2.43
Rank: 46, Title: Elizabeth Kim - Shh!, ave rating: 2.41
Rank: 47, Title: Randi Bresee - Heights, ave rating: 2.36
Rank: 48, Title: Jungin Lee - Love NY, ave rating: 2.33
Rank: 49, Title: Elizabeth Kim - Addicted, ave rating: 2.33
Rank: 50, Title: ucla08-aa10-Hong-Aithi.jpg, ave rating: 2.24

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