I thought it was incredible that we had an entire orchestra in our classroom this morning, performing for US...what did everyone think of this 70 minute symphony we heard today?

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Those people were crazy. The concentration they had, being able to play for 70 minutes straight was unbelieveable. I was really suprised that Professor winter was able to hook that up for us. It was a real treat to see something like that and I greatly enjoyed it
I have never experienced anything like that before. I was amazing by the intensity, and the way the orchestra members were so in sync with one another. Such a cool class!
At first I was like "How am I going to sit through a 70 minute song?" But then once they started playing it didn't feel long at all! The music was so powerful and it really gave me time to think. My thoughts kept changing with the music. Like the happier sounds made me have positive thoughts, and the more depressing music made me more sad. It was weird to me how much my body reacted to the music, but I really enjoyed it!
I've watched the UCLA Phil play before and they never fail to impress. But I do agree with Trevor about how it was amazing that Dr. Winter was able to arrange for them to perform for us during class.

I think the piece we heard evoked a multitude of emotions and kudos to the orchestra for their dedication, concentration and talent. One of the best lectures so far...
I love music, but when I heard we were going to listen to a 70 minute symphony piece, I was afraid I wouldn't be engaged. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed every minute of it. While I was listening, not only was I appreciative of the music, but I began to appreciate EVERYTHING. What do I mean by that? Simply stated, the different movements stirred up different emotions within me. They made me think of my own life, and I started reflecting. Overall, I'm glad I didn't miss that day. It was truly inspirational.


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