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Big Schools

The one thing I will be disappointed about after my four long years of college are over, is my yearbook experience. I love being able to look at any picture and say that i know them. Unfortunately being at such a big school like UCLA doesnt let me do this. I love being involved in a diverse school, a school that can give opportunities to so many different people, but it would be nice to know more than the few hundred that i do now. Its hard to meet other groups of people because after the first… Continue

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The simple pleasures in life

We all know the Beatles song about how the best things in life are free and although they continue on to ask for money, i believe that what they first say is true. I think of the small, completely insignificant things that make me happy and they really dont cost much, if anything. My friends and family, for one, are the most important things to me and i havent payed them to stay by my side at all! Beautiful smelling roses, or even clean smelling laundry :), makes my day a little bit better as… Continue

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Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I told my mom I would go to church and get ashes, but I forgot! Seeing so many student on campus with ashes on their foreheads made me feel very guilty but hopefully giving up chocolate will make up for my mistake. I come from a town that is not very diverse and it amazes me to see so many different types of ethnicities, cultures, and religions everyday. I think it has made me a more understanding person to be in an area that has more diversity and I truly appreciate… Continue

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Being an Athlete isnt all that easy

I get a lot of looks and comments from non school sponsored athletes. Comments about our diet, gear and class schedule are always the most common among the conversations that i overhear.

It may seem like we all have designed diets for every week because of the amount of attention we get in other areas of competition, but besides a quarterly talk from our nutritionist we, or I, hardly pay attention to what i should or should not be eating. I am still the same girl i was in highschool,…


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Im not catholic, but i do celebrate one of its biggest traditions. Lent teaches us discipline and restrain, which is something a lot of us dont have anymore. For the past few years ive escalated from giving up just chocolate, to all sweats, to all sweats and soda and so forth. Although ive done all that and more, i am starting back at the beginning because just like lent is starting over, so am I at college. Everything is so accessible here, chocolate/sweats and everything! It'll be a…


Added by Rebecca Dorst on March 7, 2011 at 8:29pm — 2 Comments

Technology Sucks

As much as i love computers and phones and ipods and all the new things that are made each year, sometimes life seems too complicated with them. I like the idea of having to make your own fun. My mom used to tell me stories of her playing with toy trucks in the dirt outside her house. She made her own fun outside with her friends by playing tag games and running around. Kids these days, including myself, are so effected by technology that we have time for little else. People spend more time on… Continue

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you know when you think that your life sucks? try looking at life through your friends eyes. they may seem like they have life all figured out and seem like they are happy all the time. but that may just be an act. they can be just as unhappy as you feel, or worse, but they want to help you and they want to make sure you are happy or they just don't feel comfortable telling you because they feel that even though you are friends, you are still judgmental. One of my best friends just told me that… Continue

Added by kassie~lynn on March 1, 2011 at 10:17pm — 4 Comments

To see the world in a different light

All my life, I grew up in a relatively narrow cultural district. I lived in Orange County at the core of the Vietnamese community. I grew up with Asian friends, Asian neighbors, Asian classmates and teachers. The homes I lived in were all a couple blocks from each other, and every night, I was able to watch the Disneyland fireworks at 8:45 from my backyard. Some people may be familiar with the snow, lakes, or rivers. All I had was Huntington Beach. I live within the Asian community and, to a… Continue

Added by Kim Nguyen on February 28, 2011 at 5:24am — 2 Comments

Dillon Knowlton - Because I Don't Want to Miss Out

I do what I do in order to experience as much as I can, and I showed this by adding my interests to the photo.

Added by Dillon Knowlton on February 27, 2011 at 11:31pm — No Comments

Peer Pressure

Its funny how people assume that peer pressure is only referring to drugs and alcohol and doing things illegal, when actually a majority of peer pressure comes from just doing small things. I feel a lot of pressure about going out on nights to just hang out, when really id rather be warm and cozy in bed. I love being a part of things so even if i am in bed and someone tells me i should go somewhere, I feel like i should leave my comfort zone and go, just to be a part of something that may…


Added by Rebecca Dorst on February 27, 2011 at 9:47pm — 4 Comments

Key to relaxing

Reading is my biggest comfort. When i am stressed or if i am overwhelmed with life, coming home to a nice book and reading about some one elses problems is somehow refreshing. Forgetting about my problems for a little bit during the day is a nice way of letting loose. Eventually my reading leads to tired eyes and tired eyes leads to naps. Basically reading turns into the best couple hours of my day. Naps? Who doesnt like naps? I could sleep away my life if it came down to it. Im so tired all of… Continue

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It is strange because where ever i set up "camp" during college, trips, or vacation, i always call the place im staying at home. Its not because i feel like it is my home, just because its where we all meet up. Its wear the group comes back together again. Home base, i guess is a better word for it. It wasnt until i visited my home town a couple weeks ago that i really realized what it meant to say "home". The second i started seeing familiar territory my whole heart lifted. I didnt care that i… Continue

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I was born in Seoul, Korea. When I was young, I grew up in a big family. I lived with my great grand mother, grand parents, parents, and my two younger siblings. Living in one household altogether is a Korean tradition and I was blessed to learn the greater value of the family under my grand parents. I always learned to respect elders and obey my parents. More than anything, my great grand mother taught me how to love other people with sincere heart.

Right now, I am a college student, and… Continue

Added by Ji Youn Jung on February 18, 2011 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

If I could do anything else in the world...

For most people the answer is easy. They'd respond with something like an NBA basteball player, or NFL football player... Any type of athlete gets kudos because their work ethics and performances are so intense and amazing. I've done all that and am pursuing my life as a water polo player, but if i could be good at any other thing in the world it would be singing. I love being an athlete and working out and being part of a team, but there is something so special and amazing about music. I don't… Continue

Added by Rebecca Dorst on February 11, 2011 at 2:56pm — 2 Comments

letting it out

if all you do is keep it in,

then life will not be worth the living.

if all you do is keep it in,

then you will never stop the giving.

you keep it in you all the time,

and have to pretend that all is fine.

you bottle up and want to shout,

but all you need is to let it out.

come on with me, take my hand,

i'll show you we can take a stand.

so letting it out,

will help you to see,

the truth behind,



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video from class


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Never A Dull Moment

Growing up, I tried out every sport suitable for a young girl to play in efforts to “test out the waters” as some would say to ultimately get a feel for what I was good at, or potentially could be good at. Coming from an athletic background, in which both of my parents participated in multiple sports, it was only inevitable that I too fell in love with one. Long story short, I absolutely sucked at every sport I tried, and when I say absolutely sucked I’m not just being dramatic.…


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Enjoy but fear

I watched an Indian movie called "3 Idiots" the other night. It's a naively touching film, explaining life as something to be simply enjoyed to the fullest. Emphasized are: the power of positive thinking, how to follow one's purest desires, getting over with fear. The film tells you to "Do what you wanna do and enjoy! Life will take care of itself, so all is well!" Well, it's a great advice, but also a quite unrealistic one for many of us.

Because fear remains in our nature. Possibly…


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The past and how it affects the future

            The past dictates the future; this is something I first realized at a very early age. For instance, I soon learned that hitting my brother would result in me getting in trouble. This idea of the past impacting the future was further reinforced when learning about history back in elementary school. My class was researching ancient civilizations such as Rome and the Greeks. Reading about Rome’s engineering achievements to their propensity for war; I saw that what Rome did affected…


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The Personal Musician

Added by Mike Ahn on February 6, 2011 at 8:56pm — No Comments

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