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Finding Balance

This time last year I could have answered this question without giving it a moment’s thought. I did what I did simply to get into college. I worked tirelessly to get good grades, I volunteered too many days of the week, and I was a member of more clubs than I could count; all in hopes of getting into the best college possible. Well, here I am in college and find myself unable to answer this question so quickly. Now I have to look at the bigger picture to fully understand why I do what I do.…


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At first, this question "why do you do what you do?" really bothered me because there was no way I could find just one simple answer as to why I do the things that I do. Because the question was so broad, it seemed almost trivial. How do we define our actions through a single motive? I do what I do because I'm tired of waiting for things to change, because I want to be loved, because I need to be heard, because it makes me happy, because I needed something to feel, because one day I beileve I… Continue

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Because not many will

I do what I do because not many will. It’s really difficult to point to one thing and say that’s what I do, especially in a life style where everyone is encouraged to do as many different things as possible to lead a ‘well rounded’ life. And I am no exception to that, sometimes wanting to be a follower sometimes wanting to go against the tide, but the one thing I can safely point as something I will always do is helping those in need. From Haiti to Katrina I’ve tried my best, if not to be…


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Adventure Town: Poulation Nectar

Life is full of adventure.  Through the good and the bad, I have been lucky enough to have the thrill of adventure in my life.  I do what I do because each risk I take takes me on a new adventure in which I learn more about myself and the world.  One will look back on their life and remember their most exciting times, whether good or bad.    It is important to take chances when living, and regardless of whether or not you find success, one will still benefit knowing that they tried their…


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To give my best effort everyday, not sacrificing the gift.

I never really thought about why I do what I do, I guess it just never occurred to me that every action has a reason. As I thought about I realized I do what I do for a number of reasons. Growing up my dad always said to me, “ To whom much is given, much is expected.” I always try to carry that emphasis with me in whatever I do because I feel I was blessed with abilities and always try to maximize my results. I do what I do because I don’t like to get things handed to me, because the reward is… Continue

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Because my eye's on the championship

Since as early as I can remember I had always played team sports.  From a young age I enjoyed the combination of competition and working together with teammates.  But it wasn't until fourth grade when I found football.  This sport stood out from all the rest because of its difficulty, intensity, and most significantly because of the amount of commitment it required.  The difference was notable from the first day of practice, which was harder than even any game I had played in another sport.…


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To not have any regrets

      The wind was whipping the rain around on the frigid autumn night of November first two thousand eight. So much wind and rain in fact, streets were flooded, and sailboats could have easily replaced cars. At the time I was a high school senior, starting catcher hitting cleanup about to go to the major leagues, the valedictorian that might win a Nobel peace prize, in other words the big man on campus.  On this forever-changing night, two of my best friends, who like me, were part of the…


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friend or girl friend

Shih Ting Wang 

Discussion 1A

John is my roommate when I first came to UCLA. We were both electrical engineering major and took lots of same classes. Seriously, we both think it sucks to be a engineer sometimes. Because it not that easy for us to get to social with others, especially knowing girls!  It sounds shallow, but I think knowing girls is lots of guys top priority beside homework.


There’s a girl caught John and mine attention a lot from our floor in…


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Because I have opportunities

I do what I do because of all the opportunities I have.  It’s a product of who my parents are, where I live, what time period I’m in, but mostly, my own attitude.  I take opportunities because I am so lucky that my parents do what THEY do, that I live in a culture that nurtures dreams, that I live in a time where almost anything is possible, and that I don’t take any of these things for granted.

My mom didn’t have a lot of opportunities being born and raised in Vietnam.  Her family…


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To Inspire Others

I’ll never forget that day. It was the summer before my senior year. On my way out of the house towards what I thought would be a memorable night, one of my closest friends, who I used to play with in an orchestra, randomly calls me, frantically trying to tell me something.  She sounded completely hysterical, yet too indiscernible for me to recognize any real words. Immediately I sensed something was wrong, and tried to calm her down. It wasn’t until ten minutes later did I realize that she…


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The Sweet Taste of Success

There is nothing quite like the sweet taste of success. The feeling of triumph after winning a tournament or seeing the product of months and months of hard work is probably the greatest feeling in the world. Arguably everything someone does is in order to succeed in some aspect of life. Different people look to different things; entrepreneurs want their business to do well in the market, athletes want to win games and become the best they can be, doctors want to save lives, and rocket…


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because its what has to be done

I get up everyday and go to sleep every morning in this reality we like to refer to as life.   What we like to think we live everyday as make choices that are really ours when in fact they are more the decisions that have been crafted as the right decisions or wrong ones by society.  We can choose to live by the rules or not, but result of this have different repercussions.  We would like to think that what we see everyday and do everyday is real, but it is just a fabricated reality composed of… Continue

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Somewhere I belong

David Tsao

Student, UCLA

Los Angeles, CA

I could not remember exactly for how many years, since I been wondering what is the meaning of the life? What is the purpose of things that I do? I think it all begins at the time when I was in elementary school. It was the time that 911 occured, 1st Ipod released, George W. Bush become the president, and the war in Afghanistan began. It was the time when internet and personal computer gone popular and media grows explosively rapid and… Continue

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To Inspire

I began martial arts reluctantly as a 10 year old.  I was scared of trying something new and felt out of place at first.  The thing that kept me coming back was my instructor who simply made the classes fun.  I soon realized that this was something I was good at as well, which further motivated me to continue my training.  I started competing and always placed first in local tournaments.  I joined our demonstration team and lived for performing in front of an audience.  I began to train in…


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It was the morning of January 15th, 2011, an ordinary Saturday until I got the call, the call that would change my world forever. The call that would shake the very foundation of my upbringing and leave me numb beyond belief. It was my mother, and before I even said hello, she said to me: “He’s no longer a part of this world!” “Who?” I yelled, “Who?” “John is no longer a part of this world” she repeated. The phone dropped out of my hand and I fell to my knees. I sat there waiting…


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To save humanity through science

In 2004, my grandfather underwent a successful quadruple bypass surgery, which cleared four blocked arteries in his heart. He is alive and well today due to the science of medicine. Many people would thank God for sparing his life; I thank science. My grandfather happened to be a doctor for 40 years; he used his own medical knowledge to transcend nature’s course of life and death by recognizing his own symptoms and driving himself to the hospital for the proper medical…


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Because one voice has the power to make a difference in the world

My mother was born in Yerevan, Armenia; my family’s homeland for centuries. My grandparents were denied that opportunity when their parents had to escape their native country due to the 1915 massacres that were being committed against the Armenian population by the Ottoman Empire. I come from a world that is crying out for the recognition of the deaths of those one and half million Armenians.

Armenians have been fighting for decades so the world will recognize this atrocity against…


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Second Chances

Ever since I was young, my parents tried teaching me the morals of life. These vague lessons consisted of ones such as "how to be a good person". However, I never understood those lessons because they were never put to use until my mom brought me to the areas of downtown LA.

We wend to pass out meals to the homeless during the holidays. At the time, I remember looking down on their disheveled faces, and thinking that they reeked of body odor. I was right about all of that,…


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Because i don't want to get hurt.

Getting hurt by someone you love can tear you apart. The trust is broken, the life altered, the body left emotionless. The connection that was once a mutual feeling becomes a mere figment of the past. The love that was there just diminishes away and you are left alone, forced to fight off the pain by yourself. This is, however, an aspect of life. People come and people go. They take what they want from you and move on to do the same to the next person, and the next, until they’re…


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To Take a Mini Vacation and Learning to Get Back

Everyday people, including me are overwhelmed with upcoming exams, papers to write, payments, projects, and many more. The list seems to be endless. There are always new responsibilities being introduced once an old responsibility has been taken care of. In the midst of all the responsibilities that burden my shoulder, I like to give myself a day off. I forget about all the reading I have to do, lab reports I have to write up, and the exams I have to study for. I take a mini vacation and do…


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