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I think the discovery of YouTube was absolutely hilarious. Thank goodness i am not one of the YouTube stalkers who spends hours searching for funny videos, but i am glad they are there! Some of the videos ive seen are so funny ive started crying! i think anything that can bring a laugh, or smile to our society is good. I miss seeing people smiling all the time (because when i was little, everyonee smiled all the time). Although there are a lot of bad videos that are put up, i hope that the good… Continue

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Prayers are something people can do without being religious. Although its assumed that you are praying to God, prayers at least if you dont want to, dont have to. The most important thing about prayers is that you are thinking well upon other people. The more support from every person, the better! Considering the 8.9 earthquake that just hit Japan, i think its important that Americans, and even the rest of the world, send its thoughts and prayers over to those in need. There is no harm in… Continue

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My Family

I am so blessed to be born within a family who loves me for who i am. Looking back on home videos, i know for a fact that i had a very long awkward stage and that i was incredibly annoying. My fourth and fifth grade years were especially bad, because i didnt quite get that a middle part didnt look good on me. But i know that through all my ugliness and annoying jokes, my family has always been there. I am the middle of three girls and I am so blessed because we are all so similar and different… Continue

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UCLA's only needed improvement

Yes, thats right, there is one big thing that the best school in the world needs. No, its not a bigger gym for basketball games, and no its not more dorms for an already overflowing school, and no, its not a flatter campus (because lets get real, thats not really possible haha). The only thing that UCLA could stand for gaining is a football stadium on campus. I know our campus is packed in and squished from all sides, but there is always hope. Maybe if we get another donation, we can buy the… Continue

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I am obsessed. It is an hour long TV show that brightens my day whenever i talk or think about it. There is something about being the underdog, being the losers of the school, that really hooks me. These kids are all at the bottom of the pyramid in school because they might not be the prettiest or best dressed, but they all have talent way beyond my own abilities. They enjoy each others company and learn to relish even the bad memories spent together. They spend hours talking about what its… Continue

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Daily Bruin

I think the Daily Bruin is one of the best things that the school provides in order to keep student knowledge up about the school. I love reading daily about other sports teams and what they have overcome or what they are facing next. I lved reading about my teams future games and im glad to know that we are represented by the school and that people have the chance to read about us. I read about the 100 million dollar donation that the school received, the second biggest in history, and how… Continue

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Big Schools

The one thing I will be disappointed about after my four long years of college are over, is my yearbook experience. I love being able to look at any picture and say that i know them. Unfortunately being at such a big school like UCLA doesnt let me do this. I love being involved in a diverse school, a school that can give opportunities to so many different people, but it would be nice to know more than the few hundred that i do now. Its hard to meet other groups of people because after the first… Continue

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The simple pleasures in life

We all know the Beatles song about how the best things in life are free and although they continue on to ask for money, i believe that what they first say is true. I think of the small, completely insignificant things that make me happy and they really dont cost much, if anything. My friends and family, for one, are the most important things to me and i havent payed them to stay by my side at all! Beautiful smelling roses, or even clean smelling laundry :), makes my day a little bit better as… Continue

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Being an Athlete isnt all that easy

I get a lot of looks and comments from non school sponsored athletes. Comments about our diet, gear and class schedule are always the most common among the conversations that i overhear.

It may seem like we all have designed diets for every week because of the amount of attention we get in other areas of competition, but besides a quarterly talk from our nutritionist we, or I, hardly pay attention to what i should or should not be eating. I am still the same girl i was in highschool,…


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Im not catholic, but i do celebrate one of its biggest traditions. Lent teaches us discipline and restrain, which is something a lot of us dont have anymore. For the past few years ive escalated from giving up just chocolate, to all sweats, to all sweats and soda and so forth. Although ive done all that and more, i am starting back at the beginning because just like lent is starting over, so am I at college. Everything is so accessible here, chocolate/sweats and everything! It'll be a…


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Technology Sucks

As much as i love computers and phones and ipods and all the new things that are made each year, sometimes life seems too complicated with them. I like the idea of having to make your own fun. My mom used to tell me stories of her playing with toy trucks in the dirt outside her house. She made her own fun outside with her friends by playing tag games and running around. Kids these days, including myself, are so effected by technology that we have time for little else. People spend more time on… Continue

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Peer Pressure

Its funny how people assume that peer pressure is only referring to drugs and alcohol and doing things illegal, when actually a majority of peer pressure comes from just doing small things. I feel a lot of pressure about going out on nights to just hang out, when really id rather be warm and cozy in bed. I love being a part of things so even if i am in bed and someone tells me i should go somewhere, I feel like i should leave my comfort zone and go, just to be a part of something that may…


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Key to relaxing

Reading is my biggest comfort. When i am stressed or if i am overwhelmed with life, coming home to a nice book and reading about some one elses problems is somehow refreshing. Forgetting about my problems for a little bit during the day is a nice way of letting loose. Eventually my reading leads to tired eyes and tired eyes leads to naps. Basically reading turns into the best couple hours of my day. Naps? Who doesnt like naps? I could sleep away my life if it came down to it. Im so tired all of… Continue

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It is strange because where ever i set up "camp" during college, trips, or vacation, i always call the place im staying at home. Its not because i feel like it is my home, just because its where we all meet up. Its wear the group comes back together again. Home base, i guess is a better word for it. It wasnt until i visited my home town a couple weeks ago that i really realized what it meant to say "home". The second i started seeing familiar territory my whole heart lifted. I didnt care that i… Continue

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If I could do anything else in the world...

For most people the answer is easy. They'd respond with something like an NBA basteball player, or NFL football player... Any type of athlete gets kudos because their work ethics and performances are so intense and amazing. I've done all that and am pursuing my life as a water polo player, but if i could be good at any other thing in the world it would be singing. I love being an athlete and working out and being part of a team, but there is something so special and amazing about music. I don't… Continue

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Because there isn’t much of a difference between me and a fish

Ever since I was a little girl most of my time was spent in the water or by the pool. I was a part of the club summer swim team since around four years old and even when I wasn’t in practice, my friends and I were running and jumping off the diving board soaking up the sun. I seemed to be a natural in the water and I learned to swim without floaties very early on. Of course having both my parents as aquatic Olympians also helped the fact that I learned how to swim early on. Even with my…


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Highschool? whats that?

It been approximately seven months since I've graduated from high school, but I feel like its been about three years. Even though my best friends from high school and I talk, i feel like they are all distant memories and dreams. I have no physical proof that we were friends and it makes me realize how important phone calls and visits are in order for me to feel like im actually talking with them. I dont know what it is about college, but i feel like i have two completely lives.. My college…


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