Maybe nobody has ever thought of it before, but for every multi millionaire in the world, there are more then 100 million poor people, most of which are suffering beyond belief, to make that wealth possible. Something isn’t right here.... So just remember, when you want to gather a fortune, who you will condemn to a life of dread and want.... and how many more people this planet is going to have to feed, just for you to call yourself a wealthy man..... It is called ECONOMY, that does this.... Making money by creating a want for something, using cheap labour to be able to make the most profit. In the beginning of every year, people make vows. If I was ruler of this planet, I would make a vow to rid the whole world of all Zoo's and all public displays of captured animals. Mankind is not put on this planet to be the slave to captive animals... I would photograph all animals, and put the picture books on shelves for all to see. I would call this the LOST TREASURE of PARADISE. And then I would declare this world HELL. Each animal that dies out, because of us, makes our HELL a tad bigger ... No more breading programmes, no more smuggling of animals to keep Zoo's on display... If we can't live with animals in the wild, then we should bare a world without animals, that's the simple truth of it...

Last week news about the dreadful suffering in African Nations hit the wires one more time. Greedy people who destroy their own people, just to stay in power, who rather kill their loved ones, then, say they are wrong... And once again children will grow up in a new war, created for the benefit of a few who like to become millionaires. And we close our eyes, pretend it does not happen. The New Year is only one day old, but nothing has changed, we did not learn anything... from the last year... What does that make us???

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