Smash the cock Vince! I am a Badminton player. To all those cynics out there who think that Badminton is not a real sport, imagine staring down shuttlecock rocketing toward your face at 200 mph with nothing to protect you but a few measly strings; now that’s fucking intense. My competitiveness and drive follow me from the courts into my daily life. Being a pre-med in the cutthroat world of UCLA, you have to be competitive or face total annihilation.

Every drop I make, every smash I execute, every backhand I flick, each move is calculated, efficient, and works toward a goal of self accomplishment (and kicking my opponent’s ass). I love playing badminton. It gives me exercise, a way to reduce stress, and an outlet for my energy. I play doubles, where having a dependable partner is the difference between sweet victory and utter defeat. Through playing with my partner, badminton has instilled upon me a sense of camaraderie, trust, and a competitive spirit.

Sweat dripping down my spiky Asian hair I could feel the familiar surge of adrenaline coursing through my body. My partner edging up to the service line, preparing to feed our enemies the birdie that will decide the fate…of our game; this was the league finals. We dug down deep, fought with our hearts, had the cheers of our teammates ringing in our ears, and with a thunderous smash, the game was over…we had lost. Why go through all the hard work and training just to fail in the end? Failure is never wanted; but it is what you can take away from it that judges whether it was worth it or not. Badminton has taught me punctuality/attendance, integrity, and honor. My punctuality and attendance at practice was essential for my success in badminton. Being responsible for my own score during games imprinted integrity into my daily life. I faced opponents 10 times as skilled as me for the honor of my high school and coach. Badminton dispels all the troubles from my mind and leaves me with a sense of peace and happiness. See you on the courts.

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