Because I was Given One Chance to Live this Life

In video games, you can die as many times as you want and you will always, without fail, be able to try again. But sadly, in real life, this is most definitly not the case. Why do I do what I do? Well, I do a lot of things, for a lot of different reasons. But they all point to the same, mian idea: because I was given one chance to live this life, and I am going to live it to its absolute fullest: I'm going to take all the the risks, chances, and opportunities that my life presents me with. 

I am a runner here at UCLA on the track team. Why do I do this? It is painful and requires hours of work each day. It makes my body hurt and makes me so physically tired that I barely have energy after practice to study and do other things I need to do. It requires me to always stay on task or I will not get things done with the small amount of time I have. So, why do i do it? Well, track is how I got into this school, and to get into this school for a sport, you have to be pretty darn good at what you do. And, I must say, I am good at it. Others wish that they could be good at something, and I am lucky enough to be good at track. Why would I throw this talent away, and why wouldn't I milk it for all it's worth?  Records are not going to break themselves, and with the training that I am getting here at UCLA, I will have the tools to break them myself. I only have one chance to live this life, and use my training and talent to the highest potential that it can possibly reach, so I am going to take adventage of that and work as hard as I can to get there.

My family means a lot to me, and they have taught me so much in life. They know how much I am capable of, and I love to make them proud. My grandmother recently passed away, and she has had one of the largest impacts on my life as anyone. She taught me so many life lessons from when I was a little girl- to always make the most of what I have, to never waste, to look at the little things in life and appreciate them. I was given one chance to live this life, and I am going to live it like my grandmother did. Simply, yet beautifully. I will stop and smell the roses, and appreciate what I have rather than always wanting more. I'm going to live my life right, and I'll always live in your footsteps, nana.

I live near the beach, which is one of the things I appreciate the most about my life. Some people I know just stay at home all of their lives, but I feel that I need to appreciate my location as much as I can, so, I spend a lot of my time at or near the beach. Taking from the values that my grandmother has instilled in me, I love to just lay there and take in the warmth and the beauty of the place I live. Just seeing the clear blue water; feeling the fine soft sand in my toes, makes me as happy as I'll ever be. Why do I do this? Because this is all I need to make me happy, and during this one life I was given to live, I want to be happy and appreciate the little things that I am lucky enough to have.

I was given this life, as the saying goes, because I am strong enough to live it. I was given all that I was given for a reason, and I will not overlook things that I have now that I will miss later in life. I'm going to do everything I can do make my family proud, to appreciate the little things, to use what I was given as best that I can, and to do everything that I do because I was given one chance to live this life, so I'm going to do it right. 

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