This life is really complicated. I am a very persistant and optimism person and because of it i achieved a lot of things in life, but that does not mean that i do not want anything more. When you achieve something good you always want something better, for example, when you want really bad an iPhone 4 and you get it, after 2 months you want another phone that is better than it. It is life. You can not run from it. But sometimes I catch myself thnking that : Why am I doing all these things if i am gonna die anyways? Everyone dies at the end. This is really scary and at the same point you start thinking that you have to do everything before you die, but I always end up not doing crazy things.


I am persistant and optimism like I said before and it helped me to get trough a lot o things. I live alone since 16 years old because I wanted. I had to live in another cityt when I was 16 because I wanted to be a volleyball player and in my city it would be impossible because we do not have good teams there. Why I did it? Because i have a dream to be a professional volleyball player and be in the olympic games. And it was the only way that I could keep pursuing this dream.  This is determination and at the same time optmism, because i never thought that everything could not work at the end. I never gave up. Because i moved for another city to play in a big team I had the oportunity to get connections and that is why i am living here and studying in UCLA. Everything happens for a reason. This is what I always say. I do not believe in lucky, I believe that you have to work hard and pursue your dreams to deserve its realization.


Since I was a kid i had this weird feeling that I will be recognized one day. I do not know when but people will know my name. I have three ways right now to be succsesfull: Volleyball player, singer or business women. I went to UCLA because i can be what I want to be with security. If something does not work, for example, if voleyball does not work for me I still have my diploma in UCLA to get a job, or if UCLA does not work I will still be in Los Angeles, and it will be easer to pursue my music career.I feel blessed to be born with a good voice, tall and smart. It is amazing! Why am I doing this? Well nobody said for me before i made for the national team in 2008 and be one of the best players in my country, that it is impossible, and I did it. Nobody said for me before I was admitted in UCLA, that it is impossible, but I did it. But when I tell people what I already achieved they say: Oh my god i can not believe !


In my opinion you can do everything. Nothing is impossible. I do what i do because i believe that one day I will be recognized and does not matter if I will die at the end, people will remeber me and say: " This girl knew how to live life". Life is short so make a difference. And do not forget to love, always.





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Comment by Jonathan Thomson on February 3, 2011 at 9:41pm
Persistence (even stubbornness) and optimism are great qualities which have served you well. I wonder, though, WHY are you optimistic? Will you be optimistic if something doesn't work out for you? Or wiill you be stubborn enough to remain optimistic?

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