My answer sucks.  It is so typical and not creative. Okay, my answer is simply “No regret”.  This one seems very textbook like answer.  I tried to come up with cooler one but this was the first one that is popped up in my head and I just could not get rid of it since this was my motto and worldview from long time ago.  By the way, I began to think about my life about from few years ago.  At that time, I suddenly realized that I have this many thoughts about life stuff in my head and want to write down on the paper so I want to see later that what was I thinking back then.  Especially, last few months, when I am free, like a time between two classes or when I came to the Powell to study but cannot concentrate but I also feel like to do something productive, wrote down my whatever thoughts on my iPhone memo.  This helped me and gave me lots of perspectives and ideas on this question.  

As my answer, “No regret”, that means I want to live a life so I will not regret when I get old and look back.  So what I am doing for my answer is, first, I am trying to do best in every moment, and second, I am trying to make right decisions in every moment.

Lifetime is very short.  I feel like I have not accomplished anything in my life.  However, life already passed 24 years and this fact makes me very nervous, sometimes.  I do not want live a regretful life.  So, I thought about my life and came to conclusion that if I do not want to regret about my life when I look back later, I need to do my best in every moment because it is known that there will be less regret when one tries his or her best.  However, this is not an easy thing to do.  For example, I always regret about my efforts after I got a bad grade from an exam that, ‘I should have studied more.’  This regretting is really painful because a very small thing from the past that could have done differently can change the outcome and it might leads to unintended consequences in the future.  Therefore, I am trying my best in every moment for the best outcome of my life.

I also think, in order to not live a regretful life, making right decisions are very essential and important.  I think the right decision comes from rich knowledge and this rich knowledge is a product of rich experiences.  Therefore, I need to face many experiences and challenge many things.  Personally, there are too many things that I want to challenge, learn, experience, and do.  Therefore, what I am doing now is learning, experiencing, challenging which will lead to getting rich knowledge and ultimately, the right decision making for unregretful life.


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