Why we do the things we do is solely based on logic or is it?
I have often thought about this and I believe for the most part, people used their heads when faced in a serious situation. It is easy, right? Yes or no answers are always difficult when in matters of the heart. For instance, ‘LOVE”.

When you have a broken heart and are trying to let go of someone who does not and will not love you back, do you follow your heart or your head? I, being an emotional person I use my heart. I know that if I do this, my logical side will come out better for it. But that is who I am. For others, it may not be the best course of action.

Most people after a break up can simply justify all the bad and move on. They say to themselves over and over again: “This relationship was bad for me, and I will not tolerate any bad behaviour”. Congratulations!!! Your head is better than your heart? Or is it?

So therefore because we are all humans and have different perspectives on how to move on after a bad break up, can we honestly know who prevails in the end?

For years now I have been in love, for the first time in my life, in love with a man who would never love me back. When he first broke up with me, other than being devastated and broken-hearted, I always asked myself, if I could ever get over it? To this day, I have not. How does one let go of something that once was so good, so full of life, so full of love? And yet at the same time, had road blocks, bad feelings and no future. You end up feeling inadequate, empty, less ambitious and cannot see past the sorrow and pain.

I am without a doubt still in love with this man, and cannot let go. I can read all the books, articles and get all the advice from friends, family, doctors, but I believe it is something I have to really learn on my own, in my own time. But how much time is needed? I heard once that it takes half the time a relationship lasted to forget or get over them. Well, I ask you? What is my problem; we were together for almost four years, so that would mean two years to get over him.

The problem is I don't want to let go, I want my relationship with him and he does not. So now, full of sorrow and every attempt to make this happen has left me blank. I have no strength, no joy, no hope and especially no direction.

If he reads, I wonder what he really thinks of me, what his thoughts are right at this moment. Probably negative. Why do I give so much of MYLOVE for this one person and never get it back?

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