Why do I do what I do? I can think of several answers to this question, but I’d have to say the main reason is because I don’t want to struggle throughout my entire life. I believe that a temporary struggle will lead to eternal happiness. While I may be working extremely hard at the current time and practicing diligence in hopes of earning my engineering degree, I know that if I earn this, life will only get easier and more enjoyable.     

            My parents have always stressed the importance of education to me. Being uneducated, both of my parents had struggled to make a living. However, most of my friends saw no evidence of this; they would come to my house, and almost automatically assume that I was rich, because I had a two story house with a couple of Mercedes parked in the driveway. My dad is one of the most successful persons that I know with only a high school education from a foreign country. He was able to start his own business and generate a steady income in order to put a roof over my family and ensure that we were safe and happy. While his business took off for the first several years, at this current time, with such competition out there, the business has become slow. With this, my dad wishes he had an education, so that he would be guaranteed a job that paid out equally every year and didn’t rely mostly on the luck of having buyers.

            Having to see the struggles that my parents go through is painful, but deep inside, it motivates me to make not only myself, but also them, proud and make something of myself. I don’t want to have to rely on my parents to support me for the rest of my life; I want to be independent. I even try doing so at the current time, I rarely ask for things I want, instead I buy them for myself, even if it means working hours and hours at my menial 8 dollars an hour job. As I proceed through life I believe I will become more and more successful. I know that earning my bachelors degree in engineering is going to be hard and my masters will be even harder. But I know that if I put my mind to it and think about all the positive outcomes, I will overcome the temporary struggle and live a happy life. 

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