Why I study at UCLA

I came to UCLA not for the academics, but for a bedroom. I chose to study at UCLA because when I was accepted I was living in a small bedroom apartment with 8 other people and I needed my space. I knew that UCLA was highly valued for its academics, but what appealed to me was having a reason to move out. Originally, I had planned to go to a university closer to home and commute, but as I found out life does not care for planning.

During my senior year of high school, family issues led to my cousins moving into an already cramped 2 bedroom apartment. Not only was there more people in each room and the living room, but also a three month old infant who cried during nights.  I realize it is selfish, but I needed my sleep! I no longer had a place to study, nor a place to keep all of my belongings. And it was rare when I slept on a bed by myself. I knew that once I began college I would need a space to study, a space for myself and that was not going to happen at home.

So when I found out I was accepted to UCLA I was elated not because it was a great achievement but instead because I could move out and live in the dorms and finally have some sort of space to call my own. It seemed as if the education I would receive from UCLA was secondary to the housing options. Now that I am here, I am truly thankful for the education and opportunities but more so because UCLA gives me a place to live and be.

I have to say I am quite thankful that life throws you curve balls, as they say, because I have met some wonderful people and I am receiving an education that’s priceless. Without the unexpected problems in life things would just be boring and predictable. I guess I am glad I was living in a crowded household because that situation led me to where I am now!


Widwid: I study at UCLA because it finally gives me my space and freedom.



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