I think I’ve figured out why I have a strange fascination with vampires and the connection I have made to generational curses and Egyptian Myths. 

First let me give you the background of my family.  It is believed that my genealogy goes back as far as the Egyptians. Though the occult or occult practiced weren’t openly discussed in my family my brother and I were trained to use our minds to change traffic lights, influence people and move objects.  I also learned astrology, palmistry and a bit about Tara cards.  I didn’t know until I became a Christian that there was anything inherently “evil” or “unhealthy” in what was like second nature to me.  However, after God revealed this to me I repented and asked forgiveness from all these practices.

       For as long as I can remember I have had a strange fascination with Vampires.  Out of all the horror flicks I watched since I was a kid I have been especially drawn to anything about Dracula and Vampires.  When the Twilight series released I didn't know that it was about Vampires at first, but later when I discovered the content of the film(s) I had to have the DVD's and books.  It was at this time that I began to realize I was more than a little obsessed with vampires.  I especially liked the Twilight Sagas because there was very little blood and gore.  Surprisingly I am very squeamish. I can't watch those real-life ER shows or doctors performing surgery on the Health Discover Channel.

I’m not sure when I actually became aware of the connection of Egyptology and vampires, but I think it is when I admitted my fear of death and dying.  After discussing my problem with death and vampires with my therapist and a non-professional healing room team I faced the fact that there is more going on with me then mere morbid curiosity.  Several times throughout my life the connection to Egypt and/or Egyptian myths has been spoken over me or revealed to others on my behalf.  Finally after a vision I had myself of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet I got on the Internet and researched the connection between Egypt and Vampires.

The Egyptians feared that future generations would forget them and thus they implemented the recitation of the names of the deceased at their tomb because they believed that if a person’s name was forgotten, that individual perished forever.  I believe this is why I can’t let go of those who have died in my family. 

       After a year and a half of grieving the loss of my good friend (she had a heart attack in my car & died), then two weeks later my boyfriend was murdered at work, the following month my younger brother died of the flue and finally this last December my favorite aunt died of a misdiagnoses spider bite I still dream about them often.

I made the Egypt/Vampire connection when I came across this quote from Demons to Dracula, the Creation of the Modern Vampire Myth by author Matthew Beresford who argues, "it is our fear of death which helps the vampire to re-invent himself.  Is it really our fear of our own mortality or is it our wish for eternal life, or more importantly?”  Because of the Egyptian connection to vampires, who are immortal, I have grasped onto the idea, subconsciously, that I don’t want to die.  I don’t want any of my family and friends to have died.  Thus, in my irrational mind, I cling to the vampire idea to keep those I loved and myself living “forever.” Like the myth that vampires live forever.

         Last week I talked about how I feel I have super-cognitive abilities and prophetic gifts with my therapist and I now believe this may also have its origins in the Egyptian relationship.  In popular culture Sekhmet was an ancient Egyptian goddess who had a ruthless bloodlust. She was known as the “blood goddess” or “Scarlet Lady.” Among many associations, this goddess is linked to women as she ruled over menstruation. Wherever she is depicted, she is shown in a red gown, representative of her connection to blood.  Coincidently, many of the women in my family have favored the color RED. Hum?




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