I have been myself for many years but I hope that I could be her, Anna Netrebko. Why? Becasue she has the successful career and she is pretty......., People 's success expolre ourselves into another thought, desires. Desires make us to be better and get more achievements. However, do I enjoy being my doing? Or, just beacuse I want to be somebody?

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People's good can help us to be better. We might find ourselves more and more. Maybe, we can be better than the one we wish. I agree your points, we still need to be ourselve. Many experiences change some of my values; however, some of values can not be changed. I wish I have successful career, but, what is the definition of success?
I think the definition of success is being happy.  If you would agree to having a happy life then you most likely are successful in whatever you do; everything else (wealth, cars, money, etc.) are arbitrary.
Growing up as a child I have looked up to numerous role models, from my cousin, to basketball players, world leaders, etc., however the thought of wanting to be them never really occurred to me. As a child I definitely wanted to accomplish the tasks they have, however through my own efforts. What we don't realize is that the people we tend to look up at have as many struggles in their lives as we do. However it may be that there bad times have surpassed them and they are in a period where they are facing success. All we can do is, work hard and admire or perhaps become motivated from those who have encountered success. Through this we will be able to make a name of our own, with the hope that one day somebody may look up to you, or perhaps want to be you.
I used to wish I were somebody else, anybody else. Every time I saw a girl who was prettier or skinnier than myself, I'd think life would be so much easier if I were like her. But I've come to love my imperfections. I've come to see nobody is perfect. I am just as beautiful, just as talented, just as smart, just as fabulous as anybody else. In fact, I've come to love myself so much, I've become pretty dang conceited. Haha. I don't do what I do because I want to be like somebody else. I do what I do so I can show who I am, not how similar I am to somebody else. So I can show off everything I already have. So I can show off everything I have the ability to do.
I don't know if I ever wanted to be anyone else at any point in my life. I may have thought, I wish I was more like [insertname] . But I don't think I ever really wished to be someone else, because no matter how much I admired or was jealous of someone, there was always something (if not many things) about them that I didn't want for myself.
I really respect this post. I've never really thought about it this way but looking back i guess the fact that there are things about people I admire that I would never want to have/experience has always influenced my ideas.  Generally I am happy with the person I am and would not make very many changes if I could
whenever I face with a person whom I think I want to be, I try to take care of myself more. I put efforts to make myself to be a person who I want to be. If I want to be a smarter person, I study. If I want to be skinnier person, I exercise more. and so on. These are how I react when I find someone who I want to be. I don't remember where I got this but "Be the kind of person you wish to attract into your life" is one of my favorite quotes. For these reasons, I think it is always good to know about successful people so that I can become a better person. who knows that there will be a someone who want to be "me" when I become better "me" :).
Sometimes I do wish to be this person or that person but when I really think about it, it would mean that someone else would be taking my spot. Keeping in mind that I am a selfish person, I change my mind because I do not want to share my family :).

I believe that we desire what other people have but are not thankful for what we have. I think we should not wish to be someone else but instead wish to see what we could be. Jealousy is the number one thing not to do because then you lose what is special about you and what you can offer.
I think there is always someone else we want to be because human nature makes us want what we can't have. I personally have envied many people for their success in school, work or whatever else there is. But, when I take a step back and look at it from another perspective I tell myself: its ok, not everyone is like that. Then I will try harder and strive for something better. Those I admire will be there to help me set a new goal. So I think it is a good idea most of the time to want to be someone else, but we have to realize that we are not actually them and not get caught up in our fantasies.
I don't try to be like someone who is better than me. It is just a self-torture. There are tons of people who are better me! Of coures, being a somebody is good. BUT, I decided not to pick role-models for my life, since they become meaningless if there appear people who are better than my role-models. And, choosing people as a goal of my life seems not helpful to me. It's not living my life. It's living their lives.

Any achivements encourage me to have passionation and confidence but I don't live for the achivements. They are just leftovers from my life. I want to live my life like a stream not like a mountain climber. A stream flows consistantly though it could be slow. I want my life flows endlessly enjoying my life, then the leftovers would pile up somewhere along the stream.
I love this stream analogy....though it may be slow, a stream is constantly moving in one direction---forward. It naturally moves sediment, sand, and such along with it, as part of the process. Success is the sand. If only it were that easy though!
From time to time, I imagine myself to be others. The person I want to be changes according to different situations I'm in. For example, I want to be Brian Mcknight when I'm singing, Pythagoras when I'm solving math problems, and Arnold Schwarzenegger when I'm working out. However, my past experience tells me that the satisfaction I get from being one of those three people will not last long. This is because everyone tends to focus on their weaknesses, therefore not appreciating what they already have. Once I am someone else that I admire, I will find out that I lack in many other areas. This is why I only fantisize of being someone else, and not wishing to actually be them. I know my shortcomings better than anybody else, and I know what my strengths are.


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