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During the production, one actor said, "I don't want to bel ike my parents.. to do thigns like them... but sometimes, I find I can't help but do things the same way." This really stood out to me because I've gone through the stage of experimenting and rebelling against my comformiteis and family. What do you think of this line? What expectations/cultural practices/obligations limit you?

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I think children almost always rebel against their parent's profession and morals at some point in their lives, but eventually realize an innate need to follow in their parents' footsteps.
I've had the incredible luck to have two wonderful parents I am forever grateful for.  That being said, I have gone through phases of rebellion where I wanted to do things my way.  After much experience, I've realized that they do things a certain way because it works.  I believe we rebel a mechanism for growing and experimenting, but beyond that we often end up realizing that we are just being silly, and there are more important things to worry about than whether we are too much like our parents.  Rather we should focus on if are taking the steps to become people we can look back and chuckle, smile, and be love.
Personally I would love to rebel.  To go out and do whatever I want to do.  But for me I do not know what I want to do and so going out onto the world would just scare me.  I like knowing that I have a safety net.  I feel like that is a big part of my generation just like we learned in class.  We were pampered by our parents with tennis lessons and SAT prep so everything was perfectly laid out for us.  We had no idea what it would be like to go out on an adventure with nothing holding you back.  Now everyone has an obligation to work hard just like your parents worked hard to take care of you.  I would hate to disappoint my family and that holds me back to rebelling against life and everything I know.


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