Do you eat to live or live to eat?

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Eat to live; i have better things to do than just think about eating (though it is very fun :))
I live to eat metaphorically.  I dont just live to eat but its a part of living and the experience of life.  Its great to transform something that starts out as a basic necessity into something spectacular. 
Both actually, there are days in where I am very hungry and all I want to do is eat, but in other days I eat because if I don't my stomach starts complaining.
I live to eat! I am the biggest stress eater you will ever meet.  No matter how much I eat when I become stressed out I have to eat more.  I have been known to eat a whole box of Oreos before finals.  It got so bad that my mom would make sure not to go grocery shopping before finals week.  But hey I work out 4-6 hours a day usually so why not eat all the calories I lose through cookies?
I definitely eat to live! My mom complains that I never eat, but I do, just not constantly ha ha :) I can live off a single meal a day, and I'd be totally fine. I only eat enough to keep a healthy level of energy, otherwise I'm good to go. Don't get me wrong, can't pass up those french fries with seasoning...Nom nOm noM

I think my life is a good balance of both--I  believe in everything in moderation. There are definitely times when I live to eat. The best example of this is chocolate m&ms. I am well aware they give me little to no nutritional value. But in terms of my every day life, I can confidently say that with every chocolate m&m, my life gets a little better. So in these instances, I am living to eat. But in an equal amount of cases, I eat to live. For example, if I had no idea about nutrition, I would never drink cups of milk (I've hated the taste of milk from a young age). But because I know that without the calcium from milk my bones would deteriorate, I drink milk to live. Without a mix of both, I don't think I would be doing justice to my life as a whole. 

A mixture of both. Especially in our society, where we constantly emphasize "body image" issues, I think its good to be conscious of what you're consuming, but not to the point where you're staving off hunger and counting calories. I also think it's also important to recognize your cravings - its fine to indulge once in a while (for me, with chocolate) as long as you keep it in moderation.  

I live to eat! My friends all know me as the one that loves to indulge, my perception is that life will catch up to you soon enough, I'm young and healthy, why not enjoy that? I'll worry about eating to live later :)


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