An art form that has been now spread for over a generation now. How important is "Word" and the snap of a finger.........Have you EVER watched "Def Poetry Jam"? Have you seen any poets in the last month? Have we supported a youth to excell in the art form they chose? If not, why not?


Last: If you have any ideas as to how, please share with all of us in here? Thank you


This is a major part of saving our planet.

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When my 10 and 12 year old white middle to upper middle class nieces talk like they're black teenagers from the south side of chicago, I think they will be happier and freer than I was and I like it.
Hi Sara
Thank you for speaking up. It must have been very different for you growing up. I don't understand what you are saying about yourself. Your niece choses to indenify with people who are being oppressed. Most of the time that means, she is feeling guilty about her class statis. that's not a bad thing. It's compassion on the surface, her mind garvatates toward JUS-US for people who are oppressed. what happens in these situtions is she either will grow inside, not outside, but inside to understand that she can be helpful by learning to be herself and speak for JUS-US. All lot kids want to be black because of the gifts they have, and they are many. Everywhere you look African American are bright stars. they excell, when not held back.
Many kids want to to be black. African American are copied all over the world, everything they do turns to gold, quite as kept.

So, I understand your niece. What all of this has to do with Hip Hip? These kids are following the words. that is what is gluing them together.
What I see as a threat to our young people is that Hip Hop, was sold out to the people who worship sexism/money/and greed.

There is a movement now to take back Hip Hop, to it's original form, spoken word to change the world, not wreck with dis-respect.
I'm glad some change is happening. We need a lot more. More people who want to build integrity
thank you for your comment. Feel free to answer.
Peace out
We have to support our artists. We have also to continually be moved to action so as to ensure that our world is the world that we want to see. For far too long people have sat complacent rather than take a stand. I also feel that for far too long people have ignored ugly truths, like racism andbigotry. We have to address these issues now, not later and hope it all goes away. We have to address the issues with all of our children and ensure that they are comfortable in their skin when they get ready to face the world.

This relates to hip hop because many of the children I know relate hip hop to disrespectful audacious lyrics and brutal acts of insensitivity. I think we have to address all of our children and stop allowing those that we are not so familiar with to be a burden on our families and make us keep our children in their homes. We need to reclaim these streets.

i am way off subject, but I feel that was good stuff. LOL
Okay. I think speaking Hip Hop is just slang. It means to me that the child is bilingual, or at least my child is. But, what if a person only spoke slang? Then their chances in this present system are bleak. They are considered inferior, but all that is really the matter is that they are living a life in whioch they know, nothing more or less. If they were surrounded by Romans they would speak as Romans spoke.
I agree, bi lingual, yep. now what about the words? the chose of words that are used and are harming our women? The men who write those words are border line sociopaths.
Now, i'm not speaking to style, or not allowing kids to speak. I'm saying we must teach respect so we don't have to hear and raise our kids listening to filth on the slay.
I think it's greatt hat kids can speak a tongue and no one knows what they are saying, jajaja. We did the same growing up in the Bronx, myself. Remember pig-latin? jajaja
Your on it Johnathan.......It all needs to be said. It's all true. The crime level all over is brutal. this is one reason we have to pick up the slack wherever we can and whom we ever can. You right Brother, you see it right.
Thanks Matu. To help control language I think we need to do what the militarty does, more or less, at least with those that are older. We need to "break" them, which is so hard to do. I don't mean the actual happening, but people being okay with it. See the military, during bootcamp, distresses a person, wears them out mentally, physically, emotionally and then rebuilds them and that rebuilding is then subject to them being a part of something greater than themselves. I want to go about it the same way, excercise, education, discipline, and support. Now, the only support you can get has to be from the collective so that you feel that as being your crutch, probably your only crutch. When this happens I think we can help anyone become a better person and with the right support network anyone will stay in that mode of thinking. Self-Improvement, self-responsibility, self-motivation, and self-education. We just, I think, have to get rid of the ugliness that i so rampant in our communities.

I think prisons need to be more like boot camp also.

The children hav to go to a place of education that is not giving them things to remember but challenging them to think about those things. Now this may take longer than asking them to remember something, but the outcome is much greater. I think it is a worthwhile venture and it is one that we have to implement around the country.

I been doing a lot of thinking today. LOL

I haven't had the opportunity to experience Def Poetry Jam.  However, I'd like to comment on the phrase hip hop. 


I feel like hip hop was a coping mechanism to get through the tribulations of life.  a fifth element was added to original four elements of hip hop by Afrika Bambaataa of the Universal Zulu Nation which was knowledge. Its something interesting to think about.  I think he added it to give people a mandate to think, and rise up from troubles, and to find a way up.  

In today's "hip hop" culture, knowledge doesn't seem like a very big issue to me, while it is still coping it has a different message.  Of course, I'm still a student, and I'm still learning.  I still consider myself a beginner at bboying. 


yeah i think it hip hop at its core is about having fun, that is still what bboying is about, it used to be about just enough to get down in a cypher, and it still is to many.  but there is an element of knowledge that today's mainstream has largely crushed.  let me know what you think of this



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