Can you see your feeling? Can you see your thoughts? I cannot see music but it twist my feeling. Today, I heard the 4th movement of Mahler's sym. no.5. My tears cannot stop. Maybe, I am too emotional. But, painting cannot make my tears out. Music only ~~ It brings my memory back.

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mahler's symphony was beyond amazing. there are no words to describe the mix of feelings I felt throughout the 70 minutes. my heart experienced so many feelings from sorrow, to pain to enlightenment
Music is the form of art that brings out the most emotion in me too. I never really understood paintings. Sure, they're nice to look at but that's pretty much it. Music has so much movement and it feels so alive.
Though I can't cry for 70+mins listning symphony 5, I undersatand what you felt. I also have a song that reminds me a friend whenever I listen to the song. Iit's sad that I can't go back to the moment and feel as the same way as I did.
I totally agree, there are certain songs that brings back past memories and I can't help but feel emotional. I think its due to the fact that I herd it during some significant moment and it just stuck with me ever since.
I agree with the majority of people on this reply... Certain songs do bring back memories that people forget due to the busy nature of today's society.
Unlike visual art, I think music is something much more intuitive. No matter what age you are, you can always appreciate music and in this way, music can move us in a way art cannot.
Happens to me all of the time I never can explain it. Its like, when I hear a certain song, it transports me to the past.
Personally, I think music has a way of effecting me sometimes more so than visual art because- similar to what someone else said- it has the ability to move through the body, which can be powerful. Music has a way getting inside and doing all sorts of things to the soul. However, I am very often just as moved by a good film.
For that particular song, it did not provoke the same emotions that it did for you. However, I understand how powerful music can be in inspiring you to feel certain emotions when you listen to them.

When I'm upset, I listen to songs that I personally know will reflect my gloomy moods and I love how universal music actually is, of how for every emotion you feel, there's always at least a song out there that expresses exactly what you are feeling at that moment.
Always when I prepare for any exam including this final, I have realized that listening music interrupts studying... The problem is I know it and can't stop doing it!! Youtube's gonna ruin my grade...
For me, I have not really been able to feel emotional by listening to an instrumental music. I think it's because the added words to instrumental music can communicate the meanings better than just the instruments.
I have noticed that music shapes how I am feeling as well, or at least reflects it. When I hear a song that I listened to at a specific moment or during an emotional time in my life, I recall the event each time I hear the song afterward.


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