Instructions for posting your photos from the playa in order for them to be shared and included in future exhibits. If they are tagged correctly, they'll show up here for 2010 and here for 2011.


  1. Register for this site.
  2. Select the best image per subject (don't upload more than one per subject), and then upload here — Although you can post your images on other sites, I need them here in order to include them in future exhibits, blog posts, etc.
  3. Tag each photo "playa11" or "playa10" (depending on the year shot). Tagging can be done in bulk on initial upload. Tags are how I will find them, as well as burners looking for theirs.
  4. Change the image TITLE to repeat the words in the sign exactly as they wrote it.

If you use the exact phrase in the sign, a burner who looks for theirs can more easily find it. (e.g. if they wrote "2 be awake" include the "2" rather than "to") It will also help me find them, and I'm going to try to add people's names to the titles sometime. Actually, since there were over 800 portraits made, I may need to send out the master spreadsheet when I get all the info in Excel and ask Collaborating Artists to add the names. There is no rush on that, so I'll do that in the next month or two (hopefully!).

It's easiest to tag the images and write the titles in bulk at the time you upload them. But... you can also edit them individually. Go to photo. You'll see the following screen:

5. Upload full-size image if possible b/c they will print better for future exhibits.

6. Nudity. For any images that have explicit nudity, please mark "Just My Friends" (see screenshot below). Ning.com (which hosts wdydwyd's site has a new Adult Content policy). I can still include them in next year's exhibit if you mark them this way.

Let us know if you have any questions by posting below. Hope you had fun shooting them!


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Tony, I have a photo where there are three subjects each with their own cards. I'm not sure if all their text will fit in the title, or even if that would make it easier to find themselves. Perhaps putting their names in the tags might help them find themselves?
Terri, if they both don't fit, then I'd suggest putting the text from the first sign as your read from the left to right.

I think it'd be great to include people's names. When I email everyone in the photos, I'll to ask people to post a comment below pictures and identify themselves. Otherwise, I might share the spreadsheet of names/sign text with all photographers and ask everyone to add names. That's the only way I could image doing it for 800 or so photos. I won't get the spreadsheet completed for a month or two.
Ok, I fixed everything and actually got in titles for all three women. One of the women I photographed has been in touch with me, and I've put her Playa name in the tags.
I had an idea that maybe next time us photographers might keep a log book of names and emails of people we shoot and if the want their name included to make all this easier on you, at least is an option i would be glad to do
Good idea Mark... altough it works well to have the signs + releases on the back. We just ran out of them this year. I'm happy to share the names/emails of folks you photographed when I get them in a spreadsheet.
After looking through my pics, there was one thing everyone had in common--each and every person was so sweet and they all had a kindness in their eyes. I wish I had spent more time doing this on the Playa. Ahhh, 2011!
I totally agree! That is a testament to the skill of the collaborating photographer. Goes to show that photography isn't about the quality of the image alone, but also the quality of the interaction.

Tony, I uploaded photos twicw and now can't delete some pictures. how can i delete extra photos? thx

Hi Tatsiana, there should be a "delete" option below each photo on the right-hand side. Does it show up for you?


no, i don't see it

look at my attach file, it looks like this



Oh, you know. I think the site design just changed a little. I hadn't noticed it until just now. Try going to top right-hand side and look for this:

Sorry for the confusion! (by the way, you won't have all the features listed in the pull-down menu, but you should have "deleted photo" I think).


Great photos... I like the classic style!

oh, yee! i did it, thanks for help

and thank you for good appraisal, big pleasant


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