I was thinking I could make fliers with my wdydwyd answers on them, and the wdydwyd gallery web address, and then I could post and distribute the fliers to give the project more exposure.
I might also make some stickers with the address on them to share with people I know. I have several friends who would put the stickers on their cars, school books, maybe even share them at college.

How does this sound?
Does anyone else want to try this?

Is there a way I can spin this to make it more interesting or more noticeable?

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Great idea Brock. email me your address and i'll send you some sample stickers (small ones) and see what you think. There are many more possibilities around stickers though. There is something cool about just having wdydwyd? by itself on a sticker with no explanation - gets people wondering what in the world it is, and maybe coming up with the answer themselves. What do you think?
Isn't there a sticker graffiti artist that only uses a few letters plus a Japanese symbol or something like that? I read somewhere that the mayor of San Fransisco was offering a big money reward for anyone who could turn this specific sticker artist in for all the sticker vandalism they had done. Anyway, they had stickers like that everywhere, in most of the major cities in the world. I think they were just black and white solid font stickers, no pictures or anything, a lot like what you are talking about. It was really amazing how much impact they had, now if only I could remember what was written on those, but that is beside the point I guess.

I think it would be cool to make stickers with really small curious images or symbols, something you just wouldn't expect to see, and then run the address along the bottom, thats probably what I will do. I also thought it might be interesting to print the address over and over on some sheets of sticker paper and then just cut the paper into cubes, so it would have an almost wrapping paper/newsprint look, but it would be repeated over and over on the cubed stickers. I am pretty new to the sticker thing, but will toy with the idea more.

Send me sticker ideas/files , I will certainly play with them.
If you have fliers you want to send, or anything else, just send away,
Here is my e-mail-


I have attached more fliers. I have this thing for making really trashy fliers and then printing them on different colors of paper. I don't know what it is is about the repetition of colorless image that gets to me, I really like degrading images too, and making them look cheep and tacky. Anyway, have a look at those. The images aren't necessarily linked to the question, but I am mostly going at this from a really loose point of view. I just want to do whatever will get people to go to the site.
Two more fliers.
I like these a lot! So great to have them attached here too! I think I like these better than the 4 the indians, TO FEEL, exposed ones below.
I love guerilla tactics like that... but I don't want to get nailed for posting stickers everywhere myself. But, if it is an organic thing that bubbles up on its own, then it could be a very cool movement.
i love this sticker idea, and i really like your submissions, Brock. i also like the ones up top better than the bottom 3 (for what it's worth). my gallery is high school students at my school and teenagers LOVE stickers. they put them on everything. i love stickers too, but i think young people really get into using them in particular. after i get my students signed up on my group, i could see them being excited to have stickers to put on their planners, backpacks, etc--especially the kids whose photos are in the gallery. everyone loves being seen ;-)
Here are some fliers I have made. I think they will look really good if multiple copies are posted in a group, especially on different colors of pastel colored copy paper. It will have this really cheep nostalgic effect, and the repetition is so obnoxious that I would have no choice but to look it up.
Yeah! That is an incredible idea. I'm totally in. Just send me stickers, and they'll be all over the place, no doubt.
Megan, did you get the stickers? How did they work out?
Yes, I did get them! So sorry I didn't reply earlier!
They have been put in great places, and many have asked when I put one on my guitar case.
Thank you!

I might need more later, if that's alright.



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