Influence of media on today’s individuals

Media today has been said to have a great affect on today's society. Whether it is through the images of people that are portrayed on television, movies, and in magazines or the ways in which those individuals act, media has become such a big part of your lives that we can’t help but get influenced by it. It can affect the way we dress, the actions we perform, or simply what we find to be "cool" or not. Since the point of this project is to figure out "who you are," "what you do," and "why do you do what you do," I was curious to see if you think that today's media has an effect on who we are or who we choose to be.

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  • I think today's media definitely has an effect on almost everyone in society and how they act/who they become. I think there are very few people that simply do not care about what others think about them, and they are usually labeled as the "outcasts." I believe that all of this stems from the media and what is popular or cool at the time, this is also shown if you look through out time at the way that the general public has dressed.
  • mmmm....I think media effects our value on many aspects.
    Though I don't think they can change what we are in deeper space. Different people can come across exactly the same media and have totally different reaction. In that case, I believe the media is just a way for us to present the deeper part in ourself.
    • That is a really nice way of putting it and I agree. The media can influence who we are but at the end of the day it is we who choose how and what part of the media to follow. This explains why in a society with so much pressure from the media to look and act a certain way, individuality still exists. We must always learn to be our own person at the end of the day, however we do absorb certain aspects of our lives from the media around us.
  • Sure, I believe the media affects each of us. Even if I don't actively try to keep up with the hip new trends, the decisions I make are still influenced by what's on the media. By choosing what kind of movie I want to watch or what music I listen to, I'm pretty much shaping who I am. I think that applies to all of us. The media is dynamic, in a way. What the media portrays reflects what society in general wants to see, and what people choose often reflects their opinion about the media.
  • I strongly agree to your point on media having great affect on the society. I myself is greatly affected by the media, since I have to follow the trend on what is the issue. Even though it is important to find my own color its not easy to get off the track from the media. Thats why I try to blend in the society at the same time being myself.
    • I also try to do the same. Media serves to provide us with choices but at the end of the day we should all choose the person we want to be :)
  • I think media has a really big impact on everyone and there is no way to avoid it. In a society as a whole, we have set in our minds that to be "normal" we must follow the trends that are currently present. The media tries to play on this idea by trying to make us think that to belong in a society you must allow yourself to be a follower. As a result, many of us try to fit in with the crowd through keeping up with the current trends. Even if some of us consider ourselves individuals, this decision is based on whether or not we choose to follow mainstream media. We take in the information we receive from society and then based on our own preferences, decide what we want to do. Those who are willing to be followers will allow themselves to be a part of the crowd and those who want to set their own path will not. Therefore, I believe that today's media does affect us in how we choose to be who we are, whether it be being an individual or a follower.
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