Is it better to be 'normal' in our society?

I just read a novel and it states that it is better to be 'normal'. The character addresses that 'talent' can be an obstacle when setting up the basic relationship in one community since 'talent' create a 'gap' with 'most peoples'. Also, 'talent' can hurt people due to it can arose negative attitude, for example 'envy'. I was just wondering that which is more important? To actualize our value (which means we need to show and use our talent and be seen as 'strange'), or trying to get well with the community around us.

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  • I think that everyone is different and being 'normal' is not entirely possible. Everyone has their own ideas and different ways of expression. No two people experience the exact same events throughout life and because of this, everyone sets their own path. When I think of what it means to be completely 'normal,' I picture people who try to fit in with the rest of society and cannot think on their own. Since many of us could be considered individuals with our different ways of expression, I believe that no one is completely 'normal' and that we're all special in our own way.

    As for talent, I think that it is true that negative attitudes such as envy can arise. Being competitive seems like second nature to us and that will always bring about negative feelings among some people. Even though there will be some bad feelings, I don't think that people should suppress their talents if a few people may envy them. Why not let the rest of the world see what you have to offer? Like what Charlie said, there will always be a larger number of people who are willing to appreciate the talented.
  • I don't think that it is better to be "normal" because it wouldn't be natural. Ironically, difference in strengths and ability is what is part of our competitive nature. We are competitive in every sort of way possible, to athletics, to academics, to even beauty. So, by us suppressing our talents, it can be argued that it is unnatural.
  • I believe "normal" is relative. Everything is abnormal to somebody, especially when you cross different cultural lines. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself, because if you try to please everyone you'll end up making yourself unhappy. Also, I think that although some talented people can draw negative attention or envy, there are way more people in the world who will probably enjoy your gift, so why not share it ( :
  • But what is the definition of 'normal'? I believe that everyone has at least one of his or her own talent, and that means nobody in this world is normal, since having talent would make them societal outcasts. It is ABSOLUTELY important to actualize our values since wasting your talent would be such a big loose :)
  • I agree with Charlie Ho. You are who you are; why not show that to the world,; why hide behind a social mask and appear to be someone that people want you to be? If people are going to judge you for the things you do or say then those are not the types of people you want in your life, and there will always be others who will appreciate you for who you are and what you do. Just look at celebrities in today's society. There are people who like them and there are those who don't; it is based on the individual and his or her opinions. Its more important to be true to yourself then pretend to be someone your not :)
  • I suppose it depends on what you want from life.

    I dont find myself following mainstream beliefs, often times I say something that people will find unusual or offensive and that does not always get me liked. Its a give an take to be honest, express how you feel in return for some people to dislike you. Sometimes I feel alone but I think it is worth it. Sometimes I want to fit in and I follow the crowd a bit. In the end, I feel a little empty inside after I follow the crowd... So I guess I know where I prefer to be. Call me a loner I suppose, my iPod and I can tackle just about anything ;D. I tell myself there is someone out there who will find my 'wierd' likable, until then, just keep meeting new people.

    As far as the talent thing, I think the story misinterpreted society's reaction to talented people. Kobe, Tiger Woods, Texas holdem poker stars, professional video gamers, actors, musicians, ETC ETC ETC are all embraced by different facets of society. Talent will inevitably be envied by some people in a population but will be appreciated by many as well.
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