do any of them motivate you?
for me yes

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When I see some celebrities coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and are doing well now, they do motivate me to do better.
Yes, definitely. As I see celebrities donate their wealth and time for needy causes, I definitely feel motivated. Even though i realize that they can afford to donate so much money right now and I might not be able to, however, the thought of helping those who are less fortunate is a definite positive and a motivation factor.
No. I don't follow celebrities. They're just not real to me. All I know about them is what they choose to present about themselves to the world, or what is published in the media, which may or may not be wrong. How do I know there's not some ulterior motive? While I'm sure many, if not most celebrities do great things for good reasons. I may even feel a sense of admiration and respect for their actions--inspiration *maybe*, but motivate is not quite the right word. They are not the ones that "keep me going" or are the reason for anything I do.
I would have to say maybe. I feel some celebrities actually make me less motivated by the way they act. For example: some celebrities get attention from the stupid things they do, and I feel like, why should I try so hard. On the other hand others do motivate me because seeing how they help out others makes me want to be a better person. It really depends on who you are noticing. I think I get my motivation mostly from family and friends though, not so much from celebrities.
Yes because they do what they enjoy, or at least that is what it seems like and to do something you enjoy is the best thing you can do.
That is a great response.
Those celebrities who use their fame and fortune to help the less fortunate definitely motivate me. It is simply a constant reminder that, from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, we are all alike. Whenever you see selflessness in others, especially in those from whom you would least expect it, it is difficult not to be inspired to do the same.
I find it difficult to have a celebrity motivate me because of the blinding intentions the media creates. They could be doing a good deed for fame, recognition or other reasons. Or perhaps they could be doing it from their hearts, but it's really hard to see their intentions. I would say a homeless would motivate me more...to work hard so I won't end up like one of them.
Nopee, I don't look up to any celebrities so they don't motivate me. But it does interest me to see celebrities doing volunteer work and such, but sometimes I wonder if it's really them wanting to help out the community, or if it's just a thing that you do to make yourself look presentable in our society.
they inspire me so i stuff so one day i might meet them! or be one! haha
Yes, Kobe Bryant motivates me. Honestly, he is the hardest working man I've ever seen. He gets up at 5:30 everyday to work out and train to be a better basketball player. He is doing this even though he is already the best player in the NBA. I want to be as passionate about my job in the future as him.
they dont really motivate me... it just interests me to see what they do. honestly, theyre just like regular people.


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