• I think for most pro atheletes they play for the passion, because without it they would not have gotten there in the first place. Unfortunately, I have seen some very talented atheletes who don't try to fully utilize their talents once they have become economically affluent.
  • I think some play because they enjoy it
    I think others play because of the money
    I think some people see it as an occupation they enjoy so two benefits
  • I think they play for both. They play for what they seem is fit for themselves. It depends on the players.
  • I agree with what's been said. I think players start as kids and play through college, and become the super athletes that they are because of a passion for the game, and not the allure of money. THis is why college basketball can be so much more appealing than at the NBA level, as the college players care so much more about the team, than their own money. But as professionals, money begins to be a greater motivator than passion, and players make decisions and play harder based on the contracts they could be getting, rather than for how much they love they game.
  • I think athletes are first in it for the game and their passion for the game, but over time the money and fame begins to get to their heads. Then just like that they will be in it for the money.
  • Some of them have passion, some of them do it for the money.
    Antonio Bryant of the bucs has heart, you can tell by the way he practices and performs.
    albert haynesworth of the redskins, however, seems like hes just in it for the money. He does well until the contract year, then he does really well and gets a huge contract and then falls back to just doing well.
    Thats my opinion
  • I think it goes both ways because they are playing at a professional level meaning that they must have practice really hard for it and most people would only do that if it was something they were passionate about. On the other hand, because they are so good and they know going pro would make them bank, I think they also stay in it also for the money.
  • I think they play because they love the game. I don't think money can get you that far in the first place.

    You need to have the passion for it or else people just give it up so easily.
  • I think that it is difficult for someone who doesn't have a passion for the game to become good enough to play professionally. Though the motives of many athletes change after achieving fame and success, I believe that the majority of them continue to play primarily because they love doing what they do.
    • This makes a lot of sense. You won't really be good at sports unless you really put your heart into it and its passsion that inspires it
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