What is your perspective on dating?

We're going through a relationship series at church =p

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I am married. But , I still can date with my husband although we see other every day.I do care about the feeling when I date with someone. Even to a common friend. I think, feeling ........
Dating should be between two people who like each other and will respect one another :)
LOL Wow Clef...
Well like many people I believe that dating should occur between two people who are serious about each other. Yes, it is true that many people choose to date for experience or to find who is right for him/her. In my religion dating is not emphasized as much, because it should occur with the person whom you truly love. However, dating allows for people to become comfortable with other people and allows them to find who is the right person for them. If you don't take advantage of it then it is okay.
I think dating is fun to an extent. It gets really bad when you are stuck on a date who is boring and you cannot get out at all.

But I enjoy meeting new people and it's always good to try out new things.
I feel bad to leave them there lol.
Dating's great.
How else will you meet people who you otherwise would not?
dating is fun. just because you go on a date with someone doesnt mean youre in a relationship with them. dating is just a way to get to know someone. good times yo.
I don't think at this point dating should be taken too seriously. Most relationship are temporary and it's just about trying new things with new people.
It's always exciting to meet new people and get to know him. That's what makes dating fun. If you don't like them it's cool, you can always just date someone else because dating isn't considered very serious. It's always better to try something so you don't regret it in the future.
Dating is good for you as long as it's a healthy relationship filled with mutual adoration and respect.
Being in a relationship for 4 years now I have noticed the effort it takes to keep an on going relationship with someone. It takes time, that is why when you are dating have fun but still do not settle for less. If you like someone just have the nerve to talk to them and get to know them instead of just "asking them out". I think its kind of corny and weird for a guy to straight up tell a girl if he likes her or vise versa. That is why if you like someone, get to know them first before you say anything too forward, that way you will know if you truly are interested in them or if they are just attractive >_/body>


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