What is your perspective on dating?

We're going through a relationship series at church =p

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Dating can be interpreted in many ways, I view it to be mainly hanging out with a person that you like with prospects of romance and I believe that's what dating should be. I think people put too much emphasis on dating and romance that just messes everything up since expectations can never realistically be met.
You know what, I totally agree with you. I think people do put too many expectations on it and it really ruins the fun of dating.
I think the ultimate goal in dating is marriage. If both parties are just dating for fun..trying things out...the end result could be pain or agony when bumping into each other...around or mentally (don't know if it's true, but possible?). And in a Christian perspective, the relationship should be geared towards God, moving each other closer to Him. And missionary dating should be a no-no. Above all...I do believe a relationship clicks when both parties find interest in each other. (Interesting: Wish List does not equal Requirement list-- make a requirement list before allowing the emotions to lead.)
I think dating must be taken with a grain of salt. A relationship can be a very rewarding experience, and it is great to know that there is someone always there who cares about you deeply. However, relationships can be very limiting, and when they fall apart, heartbreak can be awful.
Dating is the first step towards finding the love of your life.
relationships...is all about commitment and the feelings.
even if both of you like each other, there is some hesitant about how things will go on and if the other is willing to commit to the relationship itself.
This is such a broad subject, but I think in general mutual attraction and respect is important in dating. At a first sight, a person might look perfect but once you get to know that person you will realize this person is full of flaws just like you. From this point, being repectful to one another is the key of a successful relationship. From repect comes understanding.
dating a date is like solving a problems because you can get to know about a date more.
Still fun even though it's a headache.


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