I wanted to get all of your opinions about what causes ignorance in contemporary American society? Why are people hateful? Is there one, a few, or no reasons for why some of us just can't set aside our differences in order to live at peace with others?

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I think a lot of it has to do with the way we are brought up. We are taught certain prejudices from a very early age, stereotypes that are hard to break. These judgments make it hard for people to form open opinions and make unbiased decisions, leading to a bigoted and prejudiced nation. And because these values are passed down from generation to generation, they become very difficult to ween out, as they are ingrained at a young age, and stay with us for most of our lives.
I think what really holds us back is honestly the media. Media creates stereotypes and tries to segregates each race to its own behaviors. Also, imagine the 13 year olds wanting to be Paris Hilton because the media tells them it's the "cool" thing to do, a society cannot be moved forward if all people care about is how to be "better" dressed.
yes i agree but i think that the media can also help further society. The media has been big in fighting bigotry and gaybashing
They also as a whole do things to support the environment
im not sure i agree with that. i believe the media has and uses/abuses their ability to determine what we as viewers think (to an extent). in my opinion, the media would like to make themselves out to be the people fighting bigotry and gaybashing, supporters of the environment and all.. but truly all they do is project seemingyl heartfelt depictions of said causes.
Yeah. the media is the most influential to public. And the psychological change of people lead to make the mood of society.
I think what holds us back in society could be the stereotypes that exist in society today. I know many people who did not go to college because they thought it was something he/she could not do. When someone chooses to live within those stereotypes they can never live their life the way they want to.
yea its the way youre brought up and the friends that you make and the way they are brought up.. so ig uess its society and the view of most people..
For the most part, I think that close-mindedness is what separates groups of people from one another and ultimately keeps our society from becoming more accepting of others.
Inferiority and superiority theory
Alot of people just like to be better than others
i.e Racial discrimination, appearance: I'm skinny I'm better than you, etc
I think it's the fear that we have all created through our differences that comes back at us. Human beings probably created prejudice in order to be the "superior one" or being prideful--the biggest sin ever~
I think it's just the way we are raised. We all think our culture and ways are the best. I think it is just innate in humans, which is sad. It's hard to accept other cultures when we like ours so much.
I think its selfishness. It is human nature to be selfish to some extent but many people have alot more of it than others. This causes us to be jealous which then results to us being angry, and when people get angry they conjure up hate inside of them. I also believe that some people are just bitter because of certain life events that affected their personalities. Everyone one once in their lives forget what is most important such as family, friends, and life itself, and sometimes some of those people dont ever remember that is why there is such ignorance in our society.


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