Out of 7 values, what values were deserted? and why did you keep last three?

Let us talk about our values.

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The last three values that I decided to keep were trust, love, and morals. I felt like I could group all of my other values ( such as faith and compassion), under these broader categories. It was very hard for me to get rid of any of my values, I felt like I was deserting them and I did not like the feeling. The only way I got myself to do it was by telling myself that I was not giving up on these values, but simply grouping them with others. For example, I told myself I could put faith under trust, and told myself I could put compassion under morals.
What a smart idea you combine your values without deserting them.
I surely learned from you.
Thank you, Molly .
I did something very similar to this
Although it was hard to throw away four values of mine, I decided to keep the most important to me: morals, love, and humor. If everyone had morals, then they would be honest and compassionate. Love can allow people to work together in cooperation and build up toleration for the different. Finally, I also chose humor because I truly value having a good time, laughing and joking around. Without it, my life would be so bland.
That's why you are always smiling. :)
I threw away achievement, kindness, love, and, dilligent. ThoseI kept are "family-hood" (a made-up word LOL), confident, and honesty. I believe that without family support, it is hard to live in this cruel world. I kept confident because I believe that as long as you have faith in yourself, then you can be successful and get back your achievement. I value honesty because I believe that without honesty, it is hard to have and feel "true love" from yourself and from others.
my values were happiness, religion, faith, perseverance, trustworthiness, love, hope. I deserted happiness, religion, perseverance, and faith. I kept trustworthiness because i want to be someone people can trust. I know how important it is to have someone you can confide in and trust your heart to. It may be cliche, but i kept love because i think the love i have for my family and friends is what keeps me going everyday. It's because i love them i want to strive to be the best i can be. Hope, because if hope were to disappear from my life (hope that things will get better, hope that i can achieve all that i want to achieve, hope that i can make a difference), I wouldn't ever be able to move forward and overcome hardship.


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