• I chose Loyalty, Honor, and Social Responsibility

    This exercise was interesting because it was surprisingly hard to give up certain qualities and decide which ones were the most important. It made me think...
  • Well I couldn't select which ones to give up so off the 7 I picked at random. I think I was left with loyalty, perseverance, integrity
  • My last 3 values were:


    it was so difficult to choose just three because I didnt want to give up any of them but I knew after a lot of thought those were the three closest to me
    • It was very difficult to choose three values because all of them were so important to me. But, i chose honesty, respect, and kindness. I feel like those three values covered a broad range of other sub-values within them.
    • i picked: determination, integrity, and loyalty
  • I think I chose Integrity, Love, and Responsibility.
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