because we all becoming selfish...we don't have time for sharing anything with anyone and than blame everyone that they don't care about our feelings and thoughts...that's why it's getting harder and harder to built a freiendship or powerful personal relationships...cause we don't care...don't care about even names of our classmates,we live in our own little world,where nobody matters,but us...

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I find that if you give anyone the chance you can really find something amazing/mind-blowing/sublime in everyone. Even the kid that could give a rats ass about your feelings has something in his/her story that could enrich your life. Its finding the beauty in everything. Its like a game that is played your whole life and never gets old.

On the subject of knowing peoples names: I understand the social concept that to remember and honor another persons name is to respect them but I have had numerous encounters in my life with "nameless" people. To this day I can recall their face, their attitude, the lesson they taught me and even in some instances their smell. But I dont remember their names. This fact does not make me sad. In fact it does the opposite. It excites me that such profound encounters are possible.
because it takes a while to understand how this website works and exactly how our assignments are supposed to be done. and personally, at times i am hesitant to ask questions because it doesn't seem as though we will always get answer. mainly, people are just too busy. too wrapped up in there own lives.
ps....your daughter (the little girl in your picture, yeah?) is adorable!
I think that the reason for not sharing thoughts with others depends on the person. Some may not open to others so easily and may need to get to know their audience better to open up. Others may not even want to share their thoughts with others because they believe their lives are private (the 'selfish' perspective I suppose). And then there are those who are just apathetic. And I think a lot of people fall under the last category. They may just not care at all, too busy with their own lives to give a passing concern about the lives of others. It may be selfish, but its mostly the fact that they straight up may not be interested in the first place.
I suppose a way to overcome this is to have an open mind and bear the fact that we live WITH one another and not among one another.
Its just hard to keep up with everything. Life are passing by fast and you want to get the most out of it. People find their spot and stay in that spot for a while as long as they are comfortable in that spot or until they get bored and they find a different spot.
I am trying to socialize as much as possible and experience other people's lives. All in all, we live with each other and communicate with one another and therefore we do need to be concern to other people's thoughts, feelings, abilities, talent and more.


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