• The three values I kept were love, loyalty, and trustworthiness. I kept love because I feel like that's ultimately my drive in life. I do things because I love to do them, I work hard for my family because I love my family, everything is tied to love. Loyalty- because that's one of the most important qualities I look for in my friends and family therefore I feel like its also something I should keep as well. Trustworthiness I kept for a similar reason as loyalty, I feel like trustworthiness is needed in order for all relationships with people to be successful.
  • The Three i kept were Faith, Family, and a sense of self-Worth. It was shockingly extremely difficult for me to select these because all seven were dear to me. However, I truly feel family is the my backbone and without them I would not have known the importance of sticking to my morals and values as I live away from home. My faith is my cornerstone, when all goes wrong I know God's always beside me, guiding me in the right direction, although it can be extremely difficult sometimes. In addition, Self Worth is extremely important to me. You must love and respect yourself in order for others to love and respect you. No day is guaranteed so I try to surround myself with those whose company strengthens me physically, spiritially, and emotionally.

  • I only remembered what I kept, which were what I listed in my video; success, happiness, and satisfaction.
    But I think all those three possess broad meaning beneath it.
    Such as, if i am not healthy, I wouldn't be happy. By keeping happiness for one of my last values, I also thought it would include all others.
  • The values I kept were love, honesty, and happiness. I might be a hopeless romantic, but I sure do believe that love is a powerful force that can solve so many problems. Love also encompasses other values which I chose to give up such as compassion and care for others because in order to truly love someone you must care and show compassion for them. Honesty, my second value, is held dear to me because I believe honesty breeds trustworthiness, another one of my core values. No true relationships can exist without honesty and trust. Happiness is my third value. I kept this one because above all things, I wish happiness upon myself and others. Happiness comes from many aspects of our lives, such as love, success (however we personally define it), and our personal accomplishments. Without happiness, why is life worth living?
  • I think I kept all my values, except one was altered. My health value has always been pertinent to my mental state of being. I knew that I wanted to stay healthy. I also knew that time management would be a key factor in my success at UCLA. Values are constantly being challenged, changed, improved, and in some cases, lost all together. My health issue was probably the most important to me(it still is). I have always been a very healthy person. I love to workout and play soccer. When I arrived on campus I knew that this was going to be a huge challenge. Who could say no to De Neve's late night, and Puzzle's ice cream with chicken nuggets on the side? The dining halls serve nothing that is generally good for you (I think most people can agree with me on this), but instead they stock the lines with fried, greasy food. The salad bar is constantly my worst enemy. To eat healthy around here, I knew I would have to eat out at a healthy restaurant or cook my own food. Those two things would also be hard due to the lack of kitchen and budget. Overall my health value has definitely been significant since I have attended UCLA.
  • My 7 values were: Commitment, creativty, freedom, friendship, love, truth, and loyalty. The three values that I kept were love, truth, and loyalty.

    Reasons why I kept the last three:

    Love: The word "love" reminds me of my grandfather's will he inscribed in creating my name Ailee--Ai, in chinese, means "love" and Lee means "to come true" and my last name Yu referes to a willow tree with deep spreading roots. His message to me was to give love to those around me throughout life. Ever since my mother had told me what my name stood for, I felt that I had a responsibility to live up to my name, which was my grandfather's will to me before he had passed.

    Truth: I'm a firm believer in the statement, "The truth will set you free". I don't believe that ignorance is bliss. I feel like in this day and age, seeking the truth of something is really hard to do (i.e. finding your "true" self). I feel like the journey to finding the "truth" to anything is a journey someone should not pass up on because with truth comes enlightenment and once you're enlightened, there's no way it can be taken away.

    Loyalty: Loyalty, I believe, is a composite of many respectable values like commitment, faith, challenge, personal strength, etc. Being loyal can be one of the hardest thing a human being can do because it's a never ending personal challenge. I value loyalty because it's a personal choice that everyone in their lives come across at least once in their life time and that one decision can lead someone to a completely different path in life.
    • Great! Ailee. II liked your name ,too. I was sure your name is full of meaning like Korean.
      Your verse 'The truth will set you free' is my verse.:)
      John 8:31 is always listed all in my piano method books. I posted it in front door of my institute.
      Glad you are a christian.
  • I don't really remember what exact values I kept and removed, but I know my reason for my decision was that the values that remained encompassed the values I removed. So in keeping these values, I've in reality kept all 7 of them, or at least in my opinion.
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