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Dyanna Taylor | filmmaker | Santa Fe, New MexicoI've been exploring how we first limit ourselves in our imaginations, long before the world limits us.Self editing. Filmmaking is a collaborative art. It is the rare filmmaker who can complete a film project totally alone.In that collaboration, and I've been making films for over 30 years, the single creative entity must give way to the collective, no matter how singular the vision.I have wanted to create, to make films without a self consciousness, without the imagination "editor" in my head, without any outside influence. I've wanted the moment of creation, and in my case cinematography, to do itself. To happen without mind, without efforting. It is dawn here, and I am watching the wind in the pinon trees outside my window. It is just wind doing wind. No thought, self awareness, or limitation. I guess I'm really talking about life. and I'm getting a little too serious for 6:55am....
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  • I love what you wrote about doing, unconsciously. I think about that all the time actually, which is NOT being in the way you're talking. I'll see people immersed in whatever they're doing and there is such a fluidity & beauty there. I am happy when I miss my busstop because I lost myself in a book.
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