Life is nothing without balance. No balance means your life is without purpose, without meaning, without regret, without love, without what makes you, you. Without balance there is no perspective, no individuality, no intelegance, no talent, only conformity. Without balance, there is no difference in what religion you practice, what race you are, how intelagant , how trustworthy, how helpful, talented, for balance can open one’s mind to accept any and everyone for whom they are. With balance you can be you, unconfirmed, by society, accepted by others, leaving the conformed, confined, un-accepting society behind. Leading others to find balance, peace, the reason we live, our purpose, and the one place we can all truly call home. Through balance we can find the one true place we belong, our true home. Through balance we, the people of earth, can create a perfect eutopia, as long as we can replace our materialistic needs, our greed, our lust for power, with balance. Without balance, without trust, without the willingness to cooperate, such a eutopia is but a dream. Without balance many may be forgotten, only their art, their writings, their master pieces, will be remembered and looked after by those that have found balance.Picture:
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