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To Survive

All I have done up to this time of my life is to survive in this advanced and competitive world, and I intend to be the stepping stone or ladder so that my younger brother and possibly my descendants can use for their social mobility.  I have spent eleven years of my childhood in Vietnam, an impoverished country.  I have seen with my own eyes and understood that in many places in this world, many people are born into poverty and could never be able to escape that cycle no matter how hard…


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all for my family

WDYDWYD? Actually this question has been kept in my mind for a long time. I always ask myself this question? What is the purpose of doing all the things I am doing now? I guess for now, all the things I m doing is for my parents. For the past 22 years, my parents made all the decision for me. They decided which club I should join in school, where should I go after graduate, which university I should apply and what major I should go for, all the things they decided for me. Maybe I just got used… Continue

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I do it because the best can never exist alone


For me, I do it because the best can never exist alone.

Life is comparable. Based on our experiences, we would give judgments or comments on something based on our experiences. Yesterday, I had dinner with an old friend in a French Cuisine.  We did not see each other for a long time. Since we have known each other since elementary school, we dated back our childhood and school life.…


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To get my dreams come true

My eyes open for the first time, about my future, the day I come to United State, five years ago. I do what I do, because I want to make my future life bright and am trying to get my dreams come true. I know if I don’t work hard now my future life and dreams will be lost. The biggest dream I had was since when I was a kid I love helping kids who doesn’t have parents from the streets. I adopt this dream is because I grow up with my aunty and never got to see my parents until I become 16yrs…


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Every opportunity passed up is gone forever

Life is uncertain. Death doesn’t follow a laid out schedule. It’s all unpredictable. Too many times, I put life on hold. I tell myself I will get around to this or that, but the truth is, I might not have time to get around to it. None of us know when we will die; there is no magic clock showing us how much time we have left, and when I die I want to know that I was the best I could be and I did the most I could do. NO REGRETS. For me, this encompasses many things. I want to be someone my…


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Because my sister was my inspiration

Kylie Garcia

January 25, 2011              


Arts Arc 10

Because My Sister Was My Inspiration…

I had grown around a pool deck since I was 3 years old. My sister Jordanne was 8 when she joined the local swim team. I went with my mom to watch her at every practice and competition that she went too. At practices, I would be running up and down the concrete bleachers looking for the pine cone seeds to collect. For meets she was a fierce…


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I do what I do for peace of mind

The question of why I do what I do is a tough one, not just because it requires thought, because many times I contradict myself, my actions, and my words.  As I pondered this question I thought back to a speech I watched online of Apple CEO Steve Jobs making a commencement speech to Stanford University.  He told 3 stories from his life, and one of them resonated with me to the point where it is one of the only ways to describe my actions.  His story, abridged, says that when he dropped out…


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...Ah, but what do I do with them?

Life for me is about relationships. They start as little lego pieces without instructions, and some fit together somewhat-perfectly but most of them I don't know what to do with and put aside for later. Mostly I never find those pieces again.


I bullshit a lot (i.e. “Friends with benefits” benefits both parties in ways that real relationships could never achieve). I think the first step for change is to be honest with yourself. But often times I don't even know who I am on the…


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Under the Influence Then Above the Influence

“Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt!”

I used to be very materialistic and egocentric.  I simply thought that money could do anything and that being rich meant being successful.  I firmly believed that money would bring me happiness, respect, and success.  I wanted to impress the others by showing how smart I was and the many expensive things I owned.  However, I was too young and naïve to recognize the many other things life has to offer.  In the…


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For the people I love, and my future.

When we first got this assignment I was excited to look into my life and explore myself.  “Why do you do what you do?” Once I sat down and really thought about the answer to that question, I realized the answer wasn’t all that simple. First, I made a list of my daily activities that basically define me as a person. I am Student- Athlete at the University of California Los Angeles. I play on the Women’s Water polo Team, and am a second year English major.  That was it; these two things are what… Continue

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TO Reshape Identity

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I have always been told that I am a great child who is capable of absolutely anything.  I have never doubted this, but I do realize that there are certain limitations to my potential.  I don’t consider those limits in my life journey though.  

I was raised in a Hispanic household who was…


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Because nothing else in the world makes me feel so free

Four years ago a single tree stopped me from falling off a sixty foot cliff.  Last year my brother dug me out of a tree well just as my lungs were running out of oxygen.  Two concussions, three broken thumbs, a hyper-extended knee, and a back that will hurt for the rest of my life later, there is still nothing I would rather do in this world than go skiing.


I have no memories of learning how to ski.  My dad had me in ski boots before I turned three, and by the time I was eight or… Continue

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Dakota Collins

Discussion 1D



            My passion and my joy is playing soccer. Why I do it is for a number of reasons from the simple to the more personal. First I’ll start with the simple and that would be that for me soccer is something that I deeply enjoy when I play I forget all of the stresses in my life and focus solely on the pure joy that the game gives me. I started playing soccer at the age of six and loved it and at first I…


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What does a little pressure have to do with it?

As a child growing up, I have never really had the option of failing. It has always been my mother who has encouraged me to do my best, to get a better education, to work with my brain and not my body, and to live a slightly better life than she did. She has encouraged me and supported me throughout my life.

 As a people pleaser, I find it extremely difficult to let down those around, especially my mom, and myself. There’s a pressure to continue doing well in school, to get into a…


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Because I don't want to miss out.

It is difficult to answer a question as broad as “Why do you do what you do?” without putting much thought in beforehand. There are so many different areas of life that this question can apply to, and to be honest, I never explicitly thought about the reasons as to why I do what I do before this project was assigned. Once I managed to get past the obvious answers of “to get into college” or “my parents want me to” or “to get a good job”, I… Continue

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For HIS Glory

I do what I do because I believe that I am getting to closer and closer to living how I was created to live. I am not perfect and I am never going to be, but I can strive daily to love and live by faith. I live for Jesus Christ and for His glory. I want to live a life that shows I am not worth anything, but He is worth everything. Jesus has changed my life and shown me that the objects of this world will never satisfy me. The way that people view me and the friends I have will never satisfy…


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Because No is not an option.

“If the pain continues you may want to consider giving up water polo all together.” These are the words of a doctor I saw just a few days ago. Within the past month I have learned that I have two fractured vertebrae and a bulging disc in my back. The doctors don’t know how I got these fractures but all I know is they are irritating my nerves causing me immense pain in my lower back. Never in a million years did I think that I would have to give up sports all together. My parents raised me…


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The reasons..

I do the stuff I do because I feel the need to do it. The answer is plain and simple: because I can't live without it. My teacher used to ask me, "Why do we do music?" and she would reply to her own question by saying, "because we have to do it." I completely agree with her. However, my opinions weren't so strong until about recently. When I first started playing the piano, I felt the need to do something, who knows what, I was searching for something I can do, something valuable and something… Continue

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Debate gave me a voice

I was born into an athletic family. My mom is a marathon runner and avid swimmer, and my dad, a former collegiate wrestler, makes a living teaching PE and coaching track. Even before I was born, my parents looked forward to sharing their love of physical discipline and competition with me. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was born with a single ventricle heart; I have had three open-heart surgeries in my twenty-one years, and while my condition is now stable, I will never be able to… Continue

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I Know I am Broken

Deviously pushing a pot of spaghetti to the ground and reaching my hand toward a scorching stove top, my mother belted NO as she tossed her salad bowl to the side and rushed toward me. This memory is the first time I can remember hearing no, a word that defined part of my childhood. As I sat in Saddleback Hospital’s emergency room, it was the start of a realization that sometimes no is said for a reason and that my initial instinct is not always right. As I grew from toddler to fifth grader to… Continue

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