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I do what I do because I love


I love life so much that I want to enjoy every bit of it. Life is too precious to be wasted, and that’s why I strive to find out what makes me truly passionate, because I know that the knowledge of my true passion will direct me through life in a truly valuable way so that I enjoy every moment whether it be sweet or bitter at times. I believe that it’s my duty to be constantly in search until I find my real passion.


Like many, I came to college without having quite…


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I found creativity, at its best

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves - regret for the past and fear for the future.” - Fulton Oursler

When I was younger, I had an immense interest in art—sketching, painting, anything of the sort. Creativity defined me. Canvases and acrylics were my favorite things and the art studio in high school was my sanctuary. Even so, my parents objected to pursuing an art major in college due to “limited career paths” and the subjectivity of the word “art” was too much of a risk… Continue

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Seize the Day

In August of 1972 my father boarded an airplane for the first time in his life.  He was an alone eighteen year old, did not know anything about the place he was going, and did not have anyone waiting for him at his destination.  He was leaving India for the United States of America to attend a college he had never visited and could not really afford.  Armed with a full scholarship and a small sum of money, he embarked on his journey with the hope of being able to build a life for…


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The power of the Internet

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12 NIV). Sometimes called the golden rule, it is one of the most known sayings/rules of our time, but what does it mean and how should I apply it to my daily life?  Isn’t it just a silly rule that people reiterate to justify their actions?

These questions were constantly asked in the sermons I attended. I wanted to learn how to apply these verses to my daily life, but due to my family background and…


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acting is easy.

everyone can put on an act. some to entertain, some to get people to like them. but mine is to show people that i'm happy, when i just want to cry on the inside

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To Expand My World

I'm from a small community in Los Angeles. Of my 18 years of living, I have never encountered so many white people until I entered UCLA. I've always seen my world "colored". I grew up and am still growing up with a non-English speaking father whose idea of success for a girl, is still limited. So you see, my world is actually quite small, limited and biased. But even though my world is small, I travel to expand it. 


When I traveled alone to China this past summer, I was…


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My first challenge in isolating my motivation for doing what I do, was to figure out what I do. I know what I don't do: I don't travel to foreign countries and help the impoverished and down-trodden, on the other hand I don't exploit my fellow human. I don’t independently pursue a deeper understanding of humanity through art, literature, meditation or conscious, systematic observation (which I suppose you could call science), but I don’t impose my beliefs on others, and I don’t seek to… Continue

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...because i want to make everyone else happy...

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because if i don't...

why do i do what i do? because if i don't then everyone will know how truly down i am all the time. i never feel as though i fit in. i'm an outsider to this world and i want to be happy, but i'm not happy. hardly ever. i want one day to be normal again. i haven't been happy in almost a year and i know that if i'm pretend that i'm happy long enough then i will end up actually happy, or at least i will think that i am.

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to make life as colorful as possible by embracing changes

I have been to 6 schools in Hong Kong, 2 in USA and 1 in Singapore. As a child, I switched into and out of many schools because my parents were trying to put me into the best learning environment possible. I switched from local/public schools to international/private schools, from Chinese based to English based schools. Some schools I have only been to for half a year while others 5 years. I was often the transfer student of the class. When I enter a new school, people have already developed…


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hump and dump / a thousand lies=death

i have had rough year over the summer i was raped by senior football play at our school he gives me dirty looks cause i turned him into the police i tried overdoesing on tylenol pm 3 times cause i cant live with stress having a panic attack everytime i see him makes me depressed and i cant confess it well tonight manny my bf slept with a girl brittany tay my friend bffl and manny said no so i belive him cause i trust himm i just got off phoe with girl and i have cried 2 hours straight...tay…


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Because of my culture and community!=)

My culture and family affect me a lot to identify myself. They are the reasons why I do what I do. My parents always tell me the eldest sister is like a mother figure. They expect me to be a role model towards my younger sister. I am also supposed to be the first person to obtain a bachelor’s degree in my family so my sister can follow within my footsteps towards her university applications. Therefore, my parents' standards of my role and…


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Because the world is desperate for me to...

WDYDWYD?.....Because the world is desperate for me to…


I do what I do because I feel that the world is desperate for me to do it. Unfortunately, I’m under the impression and believe that the world, and society more specifically, is on the verge of self-destruction. Throughout the course of my life and especially over the past 6-7 years, I’ve been learning that I have been blessed with the ability to influence people and truly make a difference in their lives through my use of…


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why do we do what we don't like to do?

ok,we do what we do because we love it,it makes sense,blah blah blah...how about doing what we don't want to,and do it for a very long time?...

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The Lift Off

The abrupt rumble of the wheels prepared me once more for takeoff as I leaned back on my seat, waiting for that moment. I felt the rapid acceleration of the plane. Then suddenly, the rumble ceased and silence ensued.  I was in the sky. Since my knowledge of its inception, the concept that a structure of such colossal mass could easily leave the ground has always stricken me with awe. The fact that science, through engineering, was capable of achieving such feat enlightened me to the endless…


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To fight for something right

I do what I do because I want a better life. My parents instilled with me, ever since I was young, that passion to strive to be the best I can be, to get the best grades I can get, to earn the most awards I can earn, to get into the best college I can enter, so that I can have a life better than the one they had. So I will get down and study, I will spend hours proofreading my essay, I will practice time management, and I will scour the internet for internships, because I want my parents to… Continue

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I have finals this week.

Stressed out to the max.

I don't really know what else to say...

OH! I love this site a lot. (: It's amazing and an awesome idea.

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