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Somewhere I belong

David Tsao

Student, UCLA

Los Angeles, CA

I could not remember exactly for how many years, since I been wondering what is the meaning of the life? What is the purpose of things that I do? I think it all begins at the time when I was in elementary school. It was the time that 911 occured, 1st Ipod released, George W. Bush become the president, and the war in Afghanistan began. It was the time when internet and personal computer gone popular and media grows explosively rapid and… Continue

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To Inspire

I began martial arts reluctantly as a 10 year old.  I was scared of trying something new and felt out of place at first.  The thing that kept me coming back was my instructor who simply made the classes fun.  I soon realized that this was something I was good at as well, which further motivated me to continue my training.  I started competing and always placed first in local tournaments.  I joined our demonstration team and lived for performing in front of an audience.  I began to train in…


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It was the morning of January 15th, 2011, an ordinary Saturday until I got the call, the call that would change my world forever. The call that would shake the very foundation of my upbringing and leave me numb beyond belief. It was my mother, and before I even said hello, she said to me: “He’s no longer a part of this world!” “Who?” I yelled, “Who?” “John is no longer a part of this world” she repeated. The phone dropped out of my hand and I fell to my knees. I sat there waiting…


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To save humanity through science

In 2004, my grandfather underwent a successful quadruple bypass surgery, which cleared four blocked arteries in his heart. He is alive and well today due to the science of medicine. Many people would thank God for sparing his life; I thank science. My grandfather happened to be a doctor for 40 years; he used his own medical knowledge to transcend nature’s course of life and death by recognizing his own symptoms and driving himself to the hospital for the proper medical…


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Because one voice has the power to make a difference in the world

My mother was born in Yerevan, Armenia; my family’s homeland for centuries. My grandparents were denied that opportunity when their parents had to escape their native country due to the 1915 massacres that were being committed against the Armenian population by the Ottoman Empire. I come from a world that is crying out for the recognition of the deaths of those one and half million Armenians.

Armenians have been fighting for decades so the world will recognize this atrocity against…


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Second Chances

Ever since I was young, my parents tried teaching me the morals of life. These vague lessons consisted of ones such as "how to be a good person". However, I never understood those lessons because they were never put to use until my mom brought me to the areas of downtown LA.

We wend to pass out meals to the homeless during the holidays. At the time, I remember looking down on their disheveled faces, and thinking that they reeked of body odor. I was right about all of that,…


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Because i don't want to get hurt.

Getting hurt by someone you love can tear you apart. The trust is broken, the life altered, the body left emotionless. The connection that was once a mutual feeling becomes a mere figment of the past. The love that was there just diminishes away and you are left alone, forced to fight off the pain by yourself. This is, however, an aspect of life. People come and people go. They take what they want from you and move on to do the same to the next person, and the next, until they’re…


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To Take a Mini Vacation and Learning to Get Back

Everyday people, including me are overwhelmed with upcoming exams, papers to write, payments, projects, and many more. The list seems to be endless. There are always new responsibilities being introduced once an old responsibility has been taken care of. In the midst of all the responsibilities that burden my shoulder, I like to give myself a day off. I forget about all the reading I have to do, lab reports I have to write up, and the exams I have to study for. I take a mini vacation and do…


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To give what I have received from my parents

7’o clock in the morning, I wake up and start getting ready to go to school for the lecture that starts at 9.  Because I am a commuter who lives in Korean town, which is about 15 miles away from UCLA, I have to wake up earlier than others, just to catch up with LA traffic.  It is pretty painful to wake up so early and to take a bus in cold morning weather, but commuting does help to save a lot of money.  

Our family moved to US about 5 years ago now, only for my sister’s and my…


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To figure out how these wings work.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly.

I’ve never done drugs. Nearly all my friends are Asian. Spontaneous is one of the last words I would use to describe myself. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family isn’t exactly what you would call an independent childhood. Ever since day one, life has been sheltered and completely planned out. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, make babies. Don’t get me wrong: my parents definitely did not force me to do…


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To make a lasting impression

I hate kids, but I love them more; if that makes sense. There’s something about them that makes you let out an exasperated sigh and roll your eyes. Like when they refuse to take a nap during nap time and instead go obnoxiously wake the other kids. Or when they touch you with their snot covered hands and get you sick for the next three weeks.

That was just a fraction of the many dreaded moments I had working with preschoolers. I initially fell for their absolutely innocent and cute…


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The government forces me.

I’ve always wanted to assist people in times of crisis (think law enforcement, EMT’s, fire fighters) in my younger years. That feeling never went away but was subdued after a while due to a teenage life of socializing and other interests per MTV’s influence. After completing highschool and reaching the age where consent from one’s parents was not needed to enlist in the military, I signed up for an 8-year contract with the United States Army. I’d like to think I was inebriated or woke up on…


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A Question I Longed to Answer

This question "why do you do what you do?" was answered for me when I took the initiative, at the age of fourteen, to simultaneously take college courses while still in junior high. Everything was set and that was to pursue a job as an attorney. By the age of 16 I received my Associate of Arts degree and was accepted by UCLA for a full ride as a junior. I didn't expect my life to change really once enrolled at UCLA. My goal was to get the degree in Political Science and go straight to law…


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Because I Was Bored

To be honest, I don’t know what I do. I’m still figuring it out. The fact that this isn’t anonymous makes this post a little less candid and specific, but I’m going to try.

Put shortly, I’m a second year who is behind on his unit count, but still plans to double major and graduate on time. And at this point I’m not really concerned. I have no idea what I want as a career but I am hoping to become a lawyer because it pays a lot, and because it’s one of the few avenues I feel are open…


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I'm not embarrassed to say that Eminem once said: "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow; This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo"

Keep it classy. One, two, three...cheese! If I was able to, I wish I could capture every moment of my life. The lovely people I’m with, the reasons why I smile, the reasons why I cry, and all the happy moments with my family. One thing I can definitely say is that I don’t know who I am.  Everyday, I go on a journey to get closer to my life and the purpose of my existence. There are many times when I ask myself, “Why am I even doing this? Why do I even care?” But I soon realize that there…


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to make myself happy and my family proud

Why do I do what I do? A bunch of reasons come to mind. But the SparkNotes version of it all is that the things I do are really a result of self-interest and family influence. I was born and raised in Qingdao, Shandong, China. Coming from a family in which each member has excelled both athletically and academically, I felt the pressure to achieve above and beyond my elders since childhood. As a child, I did not like to exercise much, but I did read a lot. I began to read classical Chinese…


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my one and only hero.

There’s a box on my desk at UCLA devoted to him. Rectangular and plastic, it contains the heart-felt letters he’s written to me, a Hello Kitty watch from a McDonalds happy meal that he drove miles to buy me, a list of his favorite quotes for inspiration—half of them, his own—when my morale is low, and some photos of us from various times in our life together. The box sits quietly to the side, ready to be opened whenever I need a reminder about the existence of unconditional…


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To be their proudness

Because he emigrated from China, my dad always expects me to work hard and perform well in school. “You are smart. But being smart is not going to help you at all if you don’t study hard,” my dad was always telling me, but I never believed him. I had always thought that being smart was the key to success in every difficult class. However, everything changed at my first quarter of college life.

It was an ordinary day, and the sun was bright and warm. I walked slowly into my math32b…


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I refuse to be defined by my failures and mistakes.

High school was a bad experience, and I’m learning to correct the mistakes I regret making. Loose ends were never something I was good at dealing with. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to finish whatever I completed. Maybe that was just my inherent nature coming from an Asian background, but I liked the sense of completion. I joined the marching band when I entered high school because that was the sensible thing to do after coming out of band in middle school and I planned on completing all…


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...to attain a sense of accomplishment.

My heart was pounding as I stepped onto the ice.  With a phony smile plastered on my face I took my starting pose.  The music started and everything from then was muscle memory and the result of countless hours of practice.  The following four minutes of my program required intense mental and physical focus.  I did not let one ounce of doubt or fear enter my mind.


Those four minutes mark the biggest accomplishment of my life to date.  They comprised my senior freeskate, which…


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