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My Mystery Behind My Beliefs

When I think back at my life, I think: "Was it all worth it?"

I have written many words and blogs over the last year, all about my relationships, my feelings on love and have interacted many new friends online. Inspiring as some were, I often wonder how or where my thoughts come from. I never understood why it is I could never pinpoint the real reason for my existence and how important it was for me to be defined.…


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Be not afraid of Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow

Why do some of us when living in a tragic situation, live in the past? Are we so consumed with the familiar that it scares us to go into the unknown?

I have been asked that question many times but for me, going into the unknown has always been a big part of my life. I am not afraid to take on new challenges or make alterations to my life. I have always been adventurous and different than most people I know. I was never scared to start something new, or move on to a new life; I have…


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Looking through the eyes of a child

Do you sometimes forget the importance of life? The smaller things that used to make you laugh?

Yesterday, I was reminded of that and made me realize how fast life has flown by. We miss the value of living, the moments when time stands still and for some reason we take advantage of that. Is it ever to late? Never!!!

Example: A Child; how does he or she perceive life? Simple. They learn, they watch but they also use simple…


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Listening: Do you know how?

I used to fear speaking up for whatever I stood for, or telling someone how I felt about something they had said that may have offended me. Perfect example: Yesterday, I had a small accident with my school bus. Embarassing as I feel about telling this story, I have a point to make.

Most people would react by saying: “Oh my , Are you alright? Are their children with…


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I am working on my last chapter of my book and I have decided that I was going to look back and see what it is exactly that brought me to this day. Meaning, I wanted to know why my relationships failed. I started reading the first three chapters of the first book, my first thought was how hard it was to go back and read that again. I never realized how deep and profound my writing was when I was at rock bottom. However, taking notes and analizing all details, I have realized one… Continue

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He used Me

I feel in love with him and found out he lied to me they whole time so I anonymously sent his girlfriend a text telling her he was cheating…but not with who or when. It was cowardly I know but I couldn’t help it. I was so angry. Regardless she didn’t believe it, doesn’t matter. I’m the only one hurting…everyday. I want to cry and scream because I can’t get him off my mind. He’s a jerk and undeserving of my love but I love him nonetheless. I feel like I would just slap the piss out of him if he… Continue

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Do you really want to be rescued?

Remember when we used to read the fairy tells about ” Once upon a time…” and we all figured some prince would come rescue us. Well, as we all know as we grow up, this never happens. I think and believe that is one of the main reasons relationships fail; for the most part. I firmly believe that it takes two people to make a relationship work and when one or the other doesn’t do their part, we are doomed. Do woman and men really want to be rescued? My… Continue

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