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My name is Jongwoo; Joey(English name). I am from South Korea. I go to UCLA, therefore I am international student. I went to United States school since I was 15 years old. First time, the reasons I went to United States are simple. I went to a high school in Korea. I was frustrating to go to school because; I experienced so many stressful educations. For example, the high school had physical education class twice a week, but I couldn’t even exercise during the class because the school said… Continue

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Why I Do What I Do

Last night, I went to a Persian restaurant, Shamshiri Grill, with my 3 other Korean friends. They were excited because they have never had Persian food before. We ordered three Koobidehs and one Shish Kebob. Those plates were served with Basmati rice and grilled tomato. My friend, Jiyoon, asked me, "So how am I supposed to eat this?" I answered, "The best way to eat this is first, put butter on the rice and mix them so the butter can be equally applied to the whole rice, and then squash the… Continue

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wdydwyd final project #2

Because it has made me who I am today….docx

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wdydwyd final project

Because it makes me happy….docx

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Wdydwyd Essay Long

How do you prepare yourself for the end of your life? How can you? How can you “prepare” to confront death, man’s greatest fear? This question is important because many people ironically live their life based on what they expect when they die. I have not yet found a complete answer to my existence after death but I am still searching, pondering. Many suggestions have been offered by various groups and friends but none are satisfactory or believable. After four years of probing for an answer, I… Continue

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What do I do?

My name is Anthony Stover and I love music. One of the things I do the most is listening to music. Every day, every minute I can I put on some music and listen to it. Sometimes I even dance to it (mostly when I’m alone). Music is just something that I grew up with. I always love listening to Michael Jackson as well as many, many other artist. When I listen to music it gets me into a zone. I get into different zones all depending on what song I am listening to at the time.… Continue

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wdydwyd final project


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Wdydwyd Personal Essay- second time.

"WDYDWYD: Who I am, What I do, and why I do it"

I am a Christian, I am a person who loves, and I study psychology. I believe in Jesus Christ because I know he is only one god who I can trust. He gives me strength, he gives me hope. I love my people: friends, family, and any other people who I know. I always want to spend time with someone, I like to serve and share our lives. I do it because it makes me feel alive, and I believe that loving and serving is the most beautiful thing in the… Continue

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Why do I do what I do? To Inspire To Empower I am a professional athlete. The first thing that comes to most people minds when you think of a professional athlete is selfish, greedy and superficial.…

Why do I do what I do? To Inspire To Empower

I am a professional athlete. The first thing that comes to most people minds when you think of a professional athlete is selfish, greedy and superficial. Unlike most professional athletes I use my recognition as a soccer player to inspire and empower young girls across the country to believe they too have the ability to compete and be as great as men are in the world of athletes. It wasn’t until I started playing soccer at UCLA that I… Continue

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Why do you do what you do?

When I think of my life I feeI love part of my life, while the other I wish could seemingly vanish in another direction. When I think of what I do, I feel drastically different from everyone else. Being a man in the positions I need to fill within my own life, I have come to the conclusion that my life is filled with expectations. I have certain categories in which I invest my time. My family, friends, sport, school and most of all finding the time to keep a right balance between everything… Continue

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its funny

its funny how someone who lives with 40 other people and and is constantly surrounded by laughter and love can feel so emotionally secluded. Its funny how you know what he right thing to do is all the time, but we only do it most of the time. its funny that life gives you lemons and we tend to throw them away like trash instead of juicing them for what they are worth and learning from their bitter sweet nectar. Its funny that we take joy and pleasure from so many empty things and then don't… Continue

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the reality of it all

The question had been raised, “why do you do the things you do?” At first I thought this was odd question. It must be because I enjoy them or because they are necessary. After further consideration I realized that there are few things in life that I actually do because they are a part of who I am. I play basketball because its therapy. I can go out on the court and pound the ball against the steal gray concrete and know that the rhythm of the ball and the momentum of my body will somehow make… Continue

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Why I do what I do

Master breathes down my neck, twisting and turning my limbs until they were in perfect position. Instructor forces me to do push-ups because of my cowardly complaints. My sparring partner knocks me to the ground with one powerful kick. I run to the bathroom to throw up my breakfast, every morsel of food coming out just the way it came in. A civil war emerges within myself. My body wants to quit and rest, but my mind wants to continue and endure through the physical hardships. In the end, my… Continue

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Art and Arch 10 wdydowyd?

I am a mediator, I help guide people who are having conflicts to a solution that they are happy with, and I do this because it is a way I can make a difference in a stranger’s life. The satisfaction I get from saving a friendship or just helping someone else out is to me the most genuine type. Seeing other people happy and knowing I played a part in their happiness is where I believe true self satisfaction comes from. In high school I spent a lot of my time dedicated to some form of helping… Continue

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Why I Do What I Do

Who am I? I am a swimmer, a water polo player, a surfer, a lifeguard, and a beach bum. Everything I do revolves around water, and I am as comfortable in it as I am on land, if not more. Its an integral part of who I am, literally; my sweat smells like chlorine! I have vowed to live by the beach for the rest of my life, and I honestly think I would go crazy if I had to live in Kansas. I am what I do, no question about it.

Another side to me is I go out of my way to help people. I love doing… Continue

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Art & Arc 10

Dis 1C wdydwyd?

“Yo soy un futbolista.” I am a soccer player.

I practice four times a week; sometimes five. I run, and yes, sometimes I get tired. The reality is though, I never get tired of playing soccer.

Many people see soccer as just a sport. I disagree. Soccer is more than just a sport. Not only does it give me the ability to enjoy playing something that I love and be good at, but it gives me qualities that I use in my everyday life. I become a leader in the field, a… Continue

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Social Activist

I am Ashley Nicole Adams, and I am a social activist. I do what I do in order to, help the people I encounter. I fight for others rights persistently, so that no specific group will fall through the cracks of society. Society will swiftly forget about the minority, about the homeless, and about the socially awkward. These groups are disadvantaged sometimes from birth. I have become active in my cause for minorities’ benefits by being on the Afrikan Student Union committee which helps enrich all… Continue

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Laughter: HAHA?! LOL?!

Laughter: HAHA?! LOL?!

I laugh to hide my pain.

My grandmother was a great comedian.

My grandmother was a great mother.

My grandmother was a great cook.

But who am I?

I am a car accident survivor.

I laugh to hide the tragic memories.

Who is my grandmother?

My grandmother is another body at the cemetery thanks to the car accident.

I am a






G soul without her.

HE took… Continue

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my tweets so far

hi everyone, here are my tweets so far... enjoy

# #wdydwyd Finally a night ill go to bed early :)10 minutes ago from web

# #wdydwyd i need a napabout 11 hours ago from mobile web

# #wdydwyd needs a break4:47 PM Oct 19th from web

# #wdydwyd needs to be productive over the next few days4:47 PM Oct 18th from mobile web

# #wdydwyd thankful for good friends5:08 PM Oct 17th from web

# #wdydwyd excited for my buddy from home to… Continue

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