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who am i

First and foremost and I am a student. Although technically I am a full time student at UCLA, I consider myself a student both inside and outside of the classroom. I love finding things that I take pleasure in learning about, whether it is cars, stereos, skateboards, skis, bridges, economics, bicycles, or excising. Feeling passionate about something and learning for the sake of learning is essential to me because it makes life more interesting. In high school, my goal in life was simple, I… Continue

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Why do I do What I do?

Still there are days when I glance in the mirror and stare at my reflection with doubt. Imperfections in my face, a mask of clay, “Who am I..I think it’s time to recreate myself”. If my life was a book, Chapter One would start with my past. I grew up with a clone, a fraternal twin named Rachel, who ignited my mind with light. She was my best friend, also my worst enemy, and we blazed each other’s paths with competitive fright. We pushed each other to the limit, in school, in academics, in… Continue

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Why I Paint

Hi, I’m Amy and I paint because it makes me feel free and artistic inside. I feel that I lose the boundaries of my normal life and anything is possible. I love to have a blank canvas to create something at my will. I believe that is a good exercise to keep me creative with a fresh view on life. When I am painting it make me feel happy and whole. It takes me back to my youth and I feel renewed with the permission to be creative with no criticism or doubt. When I am painting I'm free as a bird.

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Why Do I Do What I do?

Amanda Gil

Daniel Rosenboom

Discussion: 1A

October 16, 2009

Why do you do what you do?

Who am I:

My name is Amanda Annaliese Gil. I am eighteen years old and I am a sophomore at the University of California, Los Angeles. I am six foot five inches and I play on the Women’s UCLA Volleyball team. The words that I believe in and that are most important to me are commitment, love, trust, loyal, respect, dedication, and support. These seven traits apply to my life and… Continue

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why i do what i do

I learned to take responsibility for myself and my family earlier than most teenagers should. When I was younger, my parents allowed me anything I asked for as long as I kept my grades up in school. However, when I started my sophomore year in high school, my dad’s health prevented him from continuing to work and we no longer had a source of income. I never valued the materials we were able to afford before. Now, everything I can purchase I am grateful for. I have learned to resist the things I… Continue

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Assg 1

I consider myself as a work in progress or as a story with open ending. Stories and artworks have one thing in common: they evolve. Each stroke of a brush matters and influences the way the painter as well as the viewer see the stroke next to it. Blue looks different next to white than it does to black. Also the painter cannot really eliminate the face that he has just painted. Though he can over paint it and thus change its expression.

The same goes for my life. All my past experiences… Continue

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Why you do what you do essay

Tony Russo

Discussion 1J

Why We Do What We Do

This question seems to be a very philosophical one in my opinion, so I feel it necessary to reference a philosopher. Aristotle once said that all of us have this telos or ultimate goal that we all strive for (the reason why we do what we do if you will). He used the concept of telos in order to explain a human’s purpose in life. Our purpose is this “why” that Aristotle was trying to figure out. He eventually came to the… Continue

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Why do you do what you do?

Oct. 8th, 2009

Why Do What I Do?

For Past – here I mean that all the people that gave my life and help my growth. Life is a miracle. When I was conscious about the origin of my life, I really cherish the opportunity that I could come to this would and enjoy my life. I want to say thank you to my parents who gave my life after sacrificing nearly my mother’s life. In this way, I am not a coincident in the world so that I have a belief to live, at least for my parents. From elementary… Continue

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I’m bored 99 percent of the time, but it’s that one percent I live for. Few years back I messed up my arm snowboarding. I had to spend two grueling years with pins and rods and metal contraptions bolted onto my arm. No sports, no games, no fun. My crippled life style revolved around homework, sleeping, and counterstrike. When I got better I played volleyball on my high school team, snowboarded with my family, and went spear fishing with my friends. It was so much fun! I spent so long deprived… Continue

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A Little Different

I do what I do because I am a little inspired to be a little crazy.

I am straight female so I love to ogle men, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I am the kind of girl to openly state when I find a guy attractive, and most of the time I let them know. My friends think I’m crazy for being so blunt, but I like saying what is on my mind even if I have to get called crazy, or stupid in some instances. It gives me a feeling like if I am not hiding anything from the world.

I am Mexican,… Continue

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Inspiration. Desire. Motivation. Ambition. Because I am ambitious. Because I am so damn ambitious. Watching my parents work like a slave every single day and night and to still return home with a gle…

Inspiration. Desire. Motivation. Ambition. Because I am ambitious. Because I am so damn ambitious. Watching my parents work like a slave every single day and night and to still return home with a gleaming smile, watching them go through death and back sweating for my chance at a better life…for the toys I selfishly yearned for…for the food I so craved to devour…for my mere happiness, made me choose to strive for them in return. You want to know why I am the way I am? The reason why I do what I… Continue

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WDYDWYD Final Essay

Payush Chatta

Discussion : 1F

Student Number: 603-782-119

“Why do you do what you do?”

The entire concept of determining someone’s identity and purpose in life is truly a difficult task. An individual does not have a single identity, nor does he/she have a sole purpose of taking such action in this world. 350 words can’t begin to define my personality or display what I do and why I do it. However, current situations influence my personality as a student, a son, a… Continue

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I do what SangA tells me to do. (SangA refers to the inner part of myself)

I’m studying in the US where it takes more than ten hours from my home by plane.

Why? SangA is adventurous person who doesn’t hesitate to explore the whole world.

Whether I’m on my way to school or back home, I listen to music.

Why? Listening to music is my favorite way to kill the meantime between daily routines. I don’t even have to choose what songs to listen but my Ipod does.

I… Continue

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My name is Sally Zhu. I am a young, heterosexual, Chinese American female student of a working class background. Being Chinese, I see myself as a person of color. I’m humble and too modest at times, but I’m learning to find my voice.

I am a strong believer in identity. In figuring out what my identity, your identity and a people's identity can be. So what I do is I think a lot, I doubt I lot, I judge a lot, and, still, I don't know a lot.

But one of the reasons why I try to break… Continue

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Procrastination Bites Passion in the Arse

Suffocation. I feel my lungs constricting, my breathing short, my heart pumping. I'm racing against time, every tick of every second. Why did I put this off until now? Why did I not learn my lesson the first time around? Anxiety builds to an ultimate high. I'm struggling to keep up with my brain. It's me against the world (the glow of the computer screen). Blood is rushing to my head, and it throbs not with pain but with the knowledge that this goodness forsaken paper is due too soon. The… Continue

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Anthony Kong

Professor Robert Winter

Arts & Architecture 10

Section 1E


I am second year at UCLA. As a Chinese American growing up in the middle of a predominately Hispanic neighborhood, I felt disconnected with my Asian culture. Education was not a major priority in my community and I was the only male to attend UCLA from my high school. I sometimes feel, coming from a disadvantaged school where no one cared about education, that it is hard to compete… Continue

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About ME

I’m a very angry person. I have a lot of beliefs that I subscribe to that I refuse to vary from, even though I often find that my line of thinking makes me unhappy. I value intelligence above all else, but I also enjoy wit, excellent memory and attention to detail. I am always looking to connect to other people, even though I find it more difficult than most people do. I believe it’s my personal perpetual challenge that will probably never be fully realized.

I work in a library, I play… Continue

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I was born and raised in South Korea before I moved to the United States at the age of thirteen. At the time I could not speak a word in English and going to a predominantly Caucasian school did not help. It was almost as if I had to start all over from the bottom. Sadly, I soon realized that no one was there to help me, but myself. Something had to change to make my life better and it all depended on me.

Shortly after some struggle at school, I chose to learn how to play acoustic guitar,… Continue

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Wdydwyd? Personal Essay

I am Jocelyn Ramirez, a small town girl looking for adventure and new opportunities in a big city that is located hundreds of miles away from home. I am also a lover of classic rock and nature and every summer I am a farm-worker, but most of all I am a dreamer.

From late September to early June I attend UCLA. I go to class every day, do my homework every night, attend club meeting every week and I go out and have fun on the weekends. During holiday vacations and three day weekends I spend… Continue

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Give & Take

Why do I do what I do? Everything that I’ve done thus far has been things that are expected of me and by complying to those expectations have been an acquired trait mainly to give back for all that I’ve taken in life. I live an average life, doing all the things that Americans my age does, and many would not know unless I tell them that English is not my first language. My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was a little shy of six years old. The main reason they moved was… Continue

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