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...because I'm expected to perform.

When I was still in the womb, my father placed a pair of headphones playing “The Sound of Music,” on my mother’s belly. I believe that my musical journey began at this point, as a musically inclined fetus. I was a painfully shy child growing up, but I always had the insatiable urge to perform. At the age of four I began performing for family and friends. By the time I was seven I began taking singing lessons, and at the age of eleven, I had won my first state singing competition. From then on,… Continue

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Because i am always ready for a challenge

Roshni Patel

Dis.1A/Friday 8am

There are three types of people in this world: 1) Those who make things happen, 2) Those who watch things happen, and 3) Those who say, "what happened?". We each as individuals decide who we want to be, but more often than not, most people due to society's high expectations and demands find themselves lost in the last two types. These very words marked the crux of the Nourish International Summer Institute that I had the opportunity to attend this… Continue

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As a young female, I have adapted to certain things that are truly unequal, unfair, and unjust. There has always been a mountain in the way of a goal or a dream. But the mountains of life aren't always there to make things difficult. They are there to make you fight for what you want and live for tomorrow’s success. With every struggle I have faced, I sacrifice to make things better. I am the girl, with light brown hair, asian eyes, dark skin, the daughter of a Salvadorian mother, and a… Continue

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This is Me

I do what I do because I’m mad to live

Mad to experience the vivacity,

Mad to make mistakes.

Because being perfect is not me

Because I’d rather be Real than a nameless face liked by everyone

Because I can’t Fake it,

Because my emotions are written on my sleeve as clear as the sky is blue.

Because every feeling is felt to the core.

Because I am human

A person who’s had too much experience,

Too much hurt for a mere 18 years.

But still… Continue

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Why do I do what I do? ._.

“Oh, that’s flat.” I took notice of my perfect pitch when I was around thirteen years old. My piano teacher didn’t believe that my self-proclaimed perfect pitch was really “perfect”, so she pressed random notes on the piano while I looked the other way; surprisingly, I got every single note correct. Having perfect pitch can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. There are only two possibilities how my perfect pitch came to be—piano and choir.

Before I began to learn piano, I did not know… Continue

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"why do you do what you do?"

My name is Sea Mee Lee, and English name is Sally Lee. I am Korean who was born in May 5th of 1989. I am the youngest child who has an older sister. I am Christian who worship, praise, and pray for God every Sunday in Irvine. I am a pink person who loves everything that is pink. For my physical appearance, I am short and skinny like a normal Asian student. For my personality, I am friendly and caring to people and animals; I am also organized and prepared for every assignments I do in school… Continue

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Because you are so negative.

To put it simply, I am an optimist. I attempt find the silver lining in every situation and the good in every person. Whether it be failing an exam (a learning experience in my opinion), not getting tickets to a concert (a chance to save money and find something else fun to do), or having to move away from all my friends (an opportunity to make so many new ones).

Most people call me naïve for even trying to do so. They’re probably right. Why do I bother to live my life like this… Continue

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Living a colorful life^^

Discussion 1C

This is who I am…

I am like a Rubik’s Cube. How am I like a Rubik’s Cube? I am a really confusing and a challenging person. However, once you solve me, you will be able to understand why it takes such a long time to understand me. Just like how the Rubik’s cube has different colors, I live a very colorful life; every step of my life is filled with spontaneous and ecstatic moments, where nothing is impossible and boring, because I would always find out the most… Continue

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i am a goldfish and the piano is my bowl

I hope that every time I play piano I am answering this question for the people who are listening. I want them to accept it as a gift, which is the best thing I have; and I hope that it will have value for them: express something for them, remind them of something they lost, or show them they are not alone in what they feel. I play because I want them to value life: theirs and mine also.

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I joined wdydwy because I always do what I am asked

I joined wdydwy because I always do what I am asked Continue

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I just drove three hours to see my family for just one day....i do it because i love them wdydwyd

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Why I join wydwyd?

I have always been in between life's layers of structure. Not fat but not thin. Not beautiful but not ugly. Not dumb but not geeky. My family keeps on telling me that I should have some structures of identification for that is only way to be part of society, a social strata. I guess they will never see my point of view. In life....ALL structures are unstable. From Goverment, Wall Street, and even marriage. For life in truest form is a combination of ART and THOUGHTS that is mix with 4 elements… Continue

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