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Drunk in Love

As I sat and filled my thoughts with calm and peaceful thinking last night, I couldn't help but think: Should we have a 10 Step program for relationship burnout?

Since I had not found any, I came up with my own.

1. FORGIVE YOURSELF--It wasn't your fault the other person wouldn't commit or give you what you need

or want

2. CRYING IS GOOD--Feeling emotional from your pain and sorrow is better than getting angry and

hurting yourself

3.… Continue

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long Distance across Texas

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Skype Date with Grandma!

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Long Distance across Texas

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Skype Date with Grandma!

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How Much Time Do You Have?

There is a wonderful movie I have called "The Bucket List" and it inspires people to think about time. If you found out today that you only had 6 months to live what would you do with that time? Do people put so much emphasis on waiting for something that we do not consider the time that is wasting wondering what is around the corner?

If I look at the last year of my life, it isn't that I have so much wasted time but for me time has stood still. I went about my daily routine, work,… Continue

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Unconditional Love

Can we be so consumed by just one individual, that we lose ourselves in the process? Living in the world wondering what is real and what is fantasy? I can imagine many people may rethink this question. I am a victim of unconditional love and I cannot get away from it. I have tried over and over to let go of this intense feeling, but I do wonder if I am not supposed too. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be, a life lesson. But this lesson is… Continue

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Reality of Love

Why we do the things we do is solely based on logic or is it?

I have often thought about this and I believe for the most part, people used their heads when faced in a serious situation. It is easy, right? Yes or no answers are always difficult when in matters of the heart. For instance, ‘LOVE”.

When you have a broken heart and are trying to let go of someone who does not and will not love you back, do you follow your heart or your… Continue

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Week 10

OMG WEEK 10 is almost OVERRRR!! I think this quarter went by pretty fast and I feel that even though I still procrastinate, I was more productive. There's so much that has happened and I can't think of any other words to describe it but "wow". I just can't wait until winter break. This would be my actual "break" since spring break. How I wish I didn't have finals....but oh well. Once it's over, I'm FREEEEE. I finally get to fix up my room in my new house :)

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Do you ever sit and wonder how wonderful life would be if you just passed away? Really think about this: There would be no more pain, no more feelings, you would never worry about your job or friends, living up to others expectations, never having to smile or be someone your not; you would simply be this vessel of water, skin, fat, muscle and bones. And I also believe that the ones you leave behind should not mourne you either, they should realize that this is a fact of life, things happen, and… Continue

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Determination vs Road Blocks

Knowing what you want and how to obtain it is an easy goal to attain. However, when the road leads down another path, it can become frightening even frustrating and you get lost in your sense of direction. Your mind fills itself with thoughts of destruction, revenge, despair and you start hearing that shrieking voice telling you: "You have failed again".

The reason I wrote my first book was to discover what it is I had done all my life so wrong that I could not attain my goal. As I… Continue

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When you spend your whole life in search of something that you know will never come, you must ask yourself: What is the real issue? I have spent years looking for that one thing or that one person to fulfill me and never found it. I am being told that only "YOU" can make yourself happy, "YOU" are supposed to fulfill yourself with joy and happiness. But what happens when you cannot find any happiness or when you do find it and it keeps disappearing out… Continue

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