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Why I do what i do

Jerry Rice, Jr.

Art and Architecture

October 16, 2009

I do what I do

"I can't think of another player who more exemplifies the drive, work habits, and commitment it takes to reach the top” (Mike Holmgren). The quote describes the character that my father proud to the football field every single day. He became known as G.O.A.T or greatest of all time. Although he has many nicknames, my father would be remembered as the greatest wide receiver to very play the game.… Continue

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Why do i do what i do?

If you fail to prepare, then you better prepare to fail. Failing used to be my worst fear. I learned I could drastically reduce my chances of failing if I prepared extremely well. I wake up at 6 in the morning and run for reasons that I cannot explain. Sure it makes me fitter and stronger but sometimes I don’t even want to do it but my body just does it anyway. Sometimes I feel like a robot that is programmed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. The pain is non-existent… Continue

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Charlotte Dolan Why I do what I do

Why I do what I do

Charlotte Dolan

I am an athlete, I am a champion, but most of all I am a team player. I adore being a part of something bigger than myself, something that brings so much more to your life. Wearing the title of being an athlete I wear proudly across my chest. There are so many things that being apart of sports that has taught me, life lessons you don’t learn anywhere else but on the battle field. I do what I do because of the fact everyday is never the same.… Continue

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Because Bread Crumbs make me feel secure…

I didn't enjoy Apollo Music Club...or Youth Advisory Group...or Kiwanis Volunteering. But all these things looked awfully good on my college applications. And by senior year in high school, I well versed in how to follow the plan. I had done it in middle school, by taking advanced math. I knew it freshman year of high school, when I ran for class president. I knew junior year, when I started my SAT prep classes. I loved high school. Everything you needed to do to become successful (or at least… Continue

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It's what I do. It's who I am.

December 26, 2007. The day my whole world came crashing down. It had started out with a simple back pain. How had it come to this? My dad has cancer. He has six months to live. No, this couldn’t be true. He was as strong as an ox, never sick a day in his life. My dad has cancer. Is this true? It must be a dream.

It wasn’t a dream. December 21,2008. Exactly three hundred and sixty days later, he was gone.

I stood there and watched as he took his last breath. I called 911, but there was… Continue

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It is hard for me to objectify my own state of mind and who I have become. Sure I am the product of my mother’s ever persistent motivation to have me study like any other Asian parent but I am also my father’s son. He always told me to work hard and to always do the right thing. So where do I stand now? I am at the crossroads of my life, college where what I choose to do here will ultimately determine the next 30-50 years of my life.

In the past my I thought my purpose here was to be a… Continue

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... So they can do better than me...

I remember one of my friends asked me “Why do you keep helping people? You happy doing that?” I said “yes.” I don’t know what makes me so sure of that. But I do know that it is what I am here for.

When I was a silly kid, I always wanted to be the best person in the whole world. Now knowing that this is totally impossible, I still try. Not try to be the best one in the world. But the best friend among my friends. Maybe this explains why all my close friends are younger than me. This… Continue

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Why I do what I do

I am an newly-fledged adult trying to find my place in the world. I'm searching for new friends, new activities, new dreams; while trying to hold onto a sense of where I came from. I'm struggling to unite the girl whose dreams extended about as far as getting in to college to my new self who doesn't know where her life is taking her. I came to UCLA confident that I was the student-athlete who also loved music, but now I am questioning the very definitions of those stereotypical roles. I'm… Continue

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Just Me Being Me

“Why do I do what I do?” That’s a very profound question. For me, however, the answer is simple: I do what I do because of who I am. So that begs the question, “Who am I?” Well, I am a motivated and responsible individual who has the highest of expectations. Everyone I love in my life (unknowingly I should add) puts the pressure on me to be the most successful person and that it is my duty to make the world a better place for future generations. Even as a little kid my parents proclaimed that I… Continue

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Why I Do What I Do

Wherever I go, I always seem to find myself heading towards a bookstore. However, once I’m inside, I never seem to pick up a single book; my eyes (as well as my feet) head straight towards the magazine section, specifically the glossy and fancy-looking fashion ones. Same thing goes for the internet; besides Facebook, as sorry as it may sound, I read fashion blogs. Sure, I may not be the only person my age that does this, but for me, publications like Vogue and i-D (as well as their… Continue

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Meeting My Standards

Who am I? What am I all about? Is there reason behind the way I am? This is all I can tell you: I am one of those girls who was a “leadership kid” in school, every year I was Class President, I ran every event on campus. I consider myself very involved; I was in at least seven clubs and volunteered for more than six organizations. I am a big supporter of all of my relationships; I like to spend all my free time with my family, boyfriend, or friends. They are the only people that help slow down… Continue

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Why Not Reflect?

There is something about personal reflection that scares me. I have to think about the meaning behind my actions, contemplating that they might not be up to my own standards of morality. That said, I’d say that open-mindedness and generosity are my two guiding values.

Open-mindedness is my second lens through which I see the world. My “lens of open-mindedness” stems from my mom’s philosophy to reach for the stars. My mom has had many professions and encouraged me to pursue any area of… Continue

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Why Do I Do What I Do?

As The Who once asked, “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?” It really makes me wonder. But I believe the only ways to truly characterize and explain myself is by looking at what I do, enjoy, feel, and why I do it. I am a person of laughter, energy, and happiness. I am extremely loud, outgoing, and ready for adventures. For me, my life seems fairly simple and it is over all not too difficult to categorize or define myself and give my reasoning’s as to why I do what I do. What comes to my mind the… Continue

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Why do you do what you do?/Sindy Crisostomo

My personal experiences, my past, my culture, my dreams and aspirations, my “ganas”, my passion, and my heart influence me on the things I do. I am in college because I am opening a path for future generations to follow; because I want to avoid ignorance; because knowledge fulfills my soul; and because I am hungry for new discoveries. I want to be excited for the wonders of the world. I want to be famous one day. I want to be known; I want to be applauded; I want to do great things for others;… Continue

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Because I Care

I see evil. I hear evil. I fight evil.

Not many people can say that they have seen and gone through things in my shoes. It seems like the only thing on television was news about another death, another slaying, homicide number a hundred plus. Throw in the addition of drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, high crime, and you have one of the most dangerous places in the United States —the city I call home.

And I put it in context with my life.

I am somebody who cares about… Continue

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Because I love to smash

Smash the cock Vince! I am a Badminton player. To all those cynics out there who think that Badminton is not a real sport, imagine staring down shuttlecock rocketing toward your face at 200 mph with nothing to protect you but a few measly strings; now that’s fucking intense. My competitiveness and drive follow me from the courts into my daily life. Being a pre-med in the cutthroat world of UCLA, you have to be competitive or face total annihilation.

Every drop I make, every… Continue

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Who, What and Why?

Who I am? I’m Dane Worley, a confident, honest, competitive and hard working being. I take a lot of pride in everything I do and I am a complete perfectionist about many things. I was born in Tustin, Orange County California. I think of myself as a person with humor, while others might part of the time, I am always the one laughing. I am a kid who is always looking for a good time and takes pride in attempting to never be boring. I look at myself as a very loyal friend, brother and son. My… Continue

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Why I Do What I Do

My name is Brian Warnecke and I am 18 years old, coming from Orange County. I am a very reliable person that everyone comes to when they are in need of assistance. Several people come to me to talk things out when they are having troubles. I absolutely love helping people and experiencing that great sense of gratitude of accomplishment that I could make someone’s day better. Another quality that I proudly strive to flaunt everyday is my competitiveness. As a part of the men’s volleyball squad… Continue

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Highway Hideaway

I like to drive aimlessly by myself. I specify “by myself” for two reasons. First, I have yet to find many people who are comfortable with sitting in the passenger seat while I drive aimlessly. I guess they tend to think it’s a waste of time, or get anxious without a destination, or they don’t like me (highly unlikely). Secondly, I am an introvert—at least most of the time. In general, I find the word I to be pretty ambiguous. I right now probably view things quite differently than the I that… Continue

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I always thought my career choice would be somewhere in the medical profession ever since I was a child. Who I wanted to be was a doctor who could help people that are greatly sick and in need of urgent medical attention. I never thought the nature of the way I would help someone would ever be subject to change. This belief that I was going to be a doctor stayed with me all the way till the end of my first year of college. Now that I am in my second year, I see that my passion and desire to… Continue

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