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Why I do What I Does

Thatson Nguyen

October 15, 2009

Discussion 1k


I don’t really know why I do what I do. I guess I’m just getting by. I am a pretty simple person. I’m practical and I don’t need more than what I already have. I don’t like extravagant objects or events. I just like hanging out with good people.

I currently go to UCLA going into my second year. I’m really involved with the Vietnamese Student Union. We do a lot of events for high school students and our… Continue

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why i do it

There are three types of people, people who believe the future is going to get better, people who believe the future will be worse, and those who do not even think about the future. I fall into the first category. I have high hopes and dreams for the future, and that is motivates me to do what I do.

I am Alan Hwang and I study hard, I go to class, I work out and I party. Your past defines who you are, and I would like to change my definition. I used to be fat, a disgusting memory that I… Continue

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This is why I do what I do

Its two in the morning, I am working a 24-hr shift, the phone rings, we have a call. I get my boots on and run to the rig. When we get on scene, we see death threats written everywhere over the wall, empty alcohol bottles broken and dispersed, a loaded shotgun in the kitchen, and butcher’s knife in the patient’s hand. He wants to kill his girlfriend, but he messed up, he tried to kill himself first. I see his arm is bleeding and realize he slit his wrist. I wonder, “What am I doing? Why am I… Continue

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Proving Doubters Wrong

“You can’t do it, Brian!”

“You’re so skinny!”

“Just give up already. No use in trying!”

I slowly catch my breath, as I add weights onto the straight bar. My workout is almost complete, but my mentality and self-image are only expanding its horizons. It wasn’t always this easy for me. Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I gained a greater perspective of the dedication and commitment required to attain life’s desires. From my humble roots, people never believed a scrawny,… Continue

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ArtArch FinalDraft

Chee, Edgar

Art Arch. Disc. 1G

October 16, 2009

Final Draft: Why do you do what you do?

I wasn’t always a procrastinator. There were the early years in elementary school and middle school where I would work my hardest and do my homework the day they were assigned. This made me wonder why my older sisters did their homework on Sundays rather than Fridays, when I did them. But then, high school came and the ease of passing classes by cheating or doing the loads of homework… Continue

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Tu Thien Tran wdydwyd


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Andy Rose Discussion 1C Why I do What I do...

Andy Rose


Discussion 1C Art/Arch

I try to do as much with my life as possible because we may only get one chance at this great blessing. My name is Andy Rose and I am 19 years old, although I would have to say that I am quite different to most 19 year olds here at UCLA. I moved here from my home country of England to play soccer for UCLA last year and have loved every second of my experience in the USA. After meeting many many students I have found that most… Continue

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WDYDWYD - because!

You see me whipping around like a balloon with its string untied. You find me hiding under a rock. You think I’m an immaculate perfectionist, he thinks I’m a shameless slob, and I don’t think. I am simply Rebecca.

Do I do what I do because of others’ expectations of me? I can’t! The endless seesaw of ups and downs makes me seasick – and you know how easily I get motion sickness.

There is only one expectation that I strive to fulfill – God's. I try to love the unloved,… Continue

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Sometimes, I look up lyrics to a song and sing them over and over until I memorize them.

Sometimes, I snap at my mom out of impatience.

Sometimes, I go through my closet and create new outfits.

Sometimes, I just bum it and wear sweats.

Sometimes, I want to pop that bubble of insolence that blocks so many people’s minds.

Sometimes, I bask in my hypocritical ways.

Sometimes, I watch Moulin Rouge just to cry.

Sometimes, I read some Joyce Carol Oates just… Continue

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Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why do I do what I do?

Because I don't want to fade into the crowd.

What exactly do I do?

I live to fulfill a goal: to have a successful and happy life.

I wake up every day, change, and get ready to be productive.

I don’t have any special athletic skills or musical talents to try to hone every day.

But that’s okay; I don’t need to win trophies or awards to be able to sleep at night.

All I need is to feel like I didn’t just waste my day… Continue

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To express how I really feel.

“ABC, it’s easy as 123, ah simple as do-re-mi.” Running my fingers along a piano is as simple as reciting the alphabet or counting numbers. I’ve had this 3rd way of expressing myself ever since learning to play the piano at the age of 4, and I am thankful for it. Am I the best musician? No. Does that really matter? No.

What matters is my ability to express my thoughts and feelings through something other than speech. It is an outlet that allows me to show the world who I really am.… Continue

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47k to go to college? Screw that. Why the hell would I put myself in debt just so I can help others in the future? These were genuine thoughts in my head when I was deciding whether to go to UCLA pre-med or a cheap Taiwanese college for business management. Obviously, I chose to come to UCLA. It sounds simple to get a degree and become a doctor, but I know there is a long journey ahead of me, and I am willing to face it. Bring it on.

After living in Taiwan for twelve years, I have seen… Continue

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Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do?

This is who I am… to define myself in a word, average. I’m a 19 year-old white, protestant male standing 5’11” with blue eyes and brown hair. To judge a book by its cover, unremarkable might come to mind, but to do so would be brash. To judge by looks only scratches the surface of a life eager for experience, and deep in the pursuit of happiness.

To understand who I am today I think you must look into my upbringing. When I was young my parents instilled in… Continue

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Part 1 Essay

Who am I? I’m a very isolated individual to be honest. My lifestyle is very structured. Even unconsciously I follow a rigid schedule that my body does not alter from, whether I want to or not. I wake up at the same time, whether I have to or not. I eat the same breakfast every morning, and I handle day to day activities roughly the same week by week. Living this way reinforces my incredibly solitary personality. I find that I’m more comfortable this way, but I would love for that to… Continue

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I am a Broken Heart

I am a broken heart lost in despair because I no longer feel her touch. I miss her. The times we spent together were incredible from winter ball, to prom, to grad night; but now she is nowhere to be found. I feel like I’m lost in a mist of fog unable to find any sight of sunlight. If only I could take back all the things I’ve said. If only I just had one more chance to prove to her I will never again take her for granted, than I would no longer feel this pain. Even though she is 60 miles away,… Continue

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Why I Do What I Do

Even though I don’t know you, I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me that might be the single hardest thing for me, Pinsing Chen, your typical Chinese college student, to admit. After a long reflection of my nineteen year old existence in this world, I’m just going to flat out say that I am the most selfish person you’ll ever meet. This nature of selfishness didn’t just appear out of nowhere, I built up a habit of it through egotistical acts. At this point you might be thinking,… Continue

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Competing for a Name

A businessman on the outside but an athlete at heart: I want to be the best and make a name for myself. That’s it, I can’t help but look behind me and see who is standing there; see who is waiting to take my spot. So for that, I need to always be better and get better. I need to be better than the person behind me and get better than whosever is in front of me. It never stops until I’m the best. And even then, it doesn’t stop. I have to work to get to the top and continue to work to stay there.… Continue

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My Purpose

I am Jared Holt Pickrell. I was raised in Rocklin, California. In

high school, I was the president of the Christian Club at my school,

the captain of the tennis, worked at In-N-Out Burger, taking four AP

Classes, and on church leadership at my high school youth group. Now

that I am here at UCLA, I am an active member of the fraternity SAE,

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, highly involved with an on campus Christian

fellowship called Campus Crusade for Christ also known here as… Continue

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LeNette Battle

Section 1C

ART and ARC 10

ID: 403-667-506


I am LeNette Marie Battle. I am a student at UCLA who cares greatly about my friends and family. I am a perfectionist, and often get stressed out over the little things, but I also love to laugh and be carefree and spontaneous at times. I love to learn about and help others as much as I can. Ninety percent of the time I am doing one of three things (if not all 3 at once), schoolwork, talking with my family… Continue

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My Personal Essay

Brett McCollum

Why Do I Do What I Do

Growing up with three older siblings, (all four of us were only five years apart) I think I was somewhat more dependent than independent in most of my interactions. Maybe it’s my status as an Echo-Boomer, but I always participated in team sports, and I always cherished my community time as a younger brother. Maybe it’s also for this reason that I simply cannot truly say I have a passion or something that really defines me. I love… Continue

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